Why You Should Invest in a Website for Your Blog

When you are hosting your own blog, it can feel like there’s not enough space for it sometimes. You want to build it and as it becomes more successful, you might want to separate from paid for web hosting and start your own website. It’s not an unusual thing to want to grow into a proper website, especially if your blog really is taking off and you want to branch out into other avenues to keep your brand name.

If the web hosting company that you are using is not using the right web stack, or the website keeps failing or breaking down, you might consider investing in a professionally designed website instead. The thing is you may be on the fence about convincing yourself why you need one when you have had a nice blog this whole time. Below, we have a few reasons that you should invest in a professionally designed and supported website.

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  • You’re going to build credibility. If you want to elevate your blog into something better, a professional website really will help you to build your credibility. It’s a crazy world out there, where there are millions of business owners online right now and there are plenty of bloggers out there who believe that they are the best. Customers will go online and look for a solution to address their needs, and if you’re blogging about that solution you want it to be front and center on search engine results pages. The bloggers ahead of you in the game already own their own websites with many different pages and advertising options.
  • You’re going to save some money. The website represents you and your ideas online all the time. Advertising options can come and go, and they can cost thousands of dollars. The website is a one time cost, and this is just outside of basic maintenance. When you only pay for web hosting, you are constantly paying for this website. So investing in a good WordPress web hosting plan is a good idea.
  • It’s going to generate revenue. A proper website is going to help you to build your revenue stream and it’s going to run in the background even when you’re not active on it. A well-designed website can generate leads 24/7, and engage more prospects on a daily basis than any sales team or anyone has decided to cut. If you own your own website, a proper one, you can also have a member of staff working with you which is going to help you to develop your friend.
  • You’re going to expand your opportunities. If you’re looking for a way for your brand to be recognized, having a proper website for your blog is going to help you to do that. You can expand your income opportunities as well as promoting your products and services to billions across the world all the time. You are going to impress prospects of clients with your services and your market knowledge and you’re going to stifle the competition all at the same time.

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