Why You Should Add CBD To Your Daily Routine

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My husband and I have been together for ten years. Over the years, he has worked some of the hardest physically demanding jobs. Always coming home from work in so much pain. We have tried so many different things over the years to help him feel better after work. All different types of muscle rubs, and creams to help his sore muscles. Another thing he has always had problems with is being able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. With his long hours, he would always feel so restless at night, and not be able to get a good night’s sleep. This has led to so much frustration in the mornings when he needed to get up for work.

Watermelon CBD Fruit Chews

After many nights of muscle rub creams, and melatonin before bed we realized it wasn’t working for him. He needed something more. We started to research the benefits of CBD after hearing from a few friends and family members what a dramatic difference CBD had made in their lives. My husband was a bit worried about the flavor so I started to do even more research. I found that CBD fruit chews like the ones from A88CBD.¬† These great tasting chews will offer you all the amazing benefits of CBD without any harsh flavors. Things that I love the most is that these great chews are vegan. There are 6 delicious flavors to choose from. I also love that you know how much high quality hemp is in each chew. These are 25mg a piece. So you are able to still dose yourself properly, all while not having any kind of after taste in your mouth. These are also great to be able to throw in your day bag and bring with you, where-ever you may go.


CBD Muscle SalveAfter a long hard day, my husband loves when he comes home and I am able to rub this muscle salve on his shoulders. I love that there is shea butter as well as Copaiba oils in it to help add in menthol to sooth his muscles after a long day. I have turned quite a few friends on to muscle salves. They love it for after long hard workouts. My best friends husband, who works as a landscaper can come home after working 18 hours moving large rocks, and other heavy materials and use muscle salve to relieve the pain he has. This has helped both our husbands to not be so restless at night while trying to get some sleep. And it was to the point, where I no longer wanted to sleep in the same bed as my husband because he was tossing and turning so much.


No matter what way you would like to add CBD into your daily routine, A88CBD has something for you. From CBD water, powder packs to add to your own water bottles, and even tinctures. You will definitely be able to find something to please your needs with A88CBD.

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