Why Italian Investor Visa Makes A Great Option For Family Immigration

Countless Americans wish to immigrate to Europe to get a slice of the European lifestyle. Italy is one of the best family immigration destinations in the EU. It has great weather, rich culture, and an excellent lifestyle. Moreover, families can get quality education and healthcare as residents of the country. The best part is that it serves multiple immigration routes, so you can get in one way or the other.  

You may explore the descent, marriage, or naturalization processes subject to your eligibility. The Italian investor visa is the best option if none of the other routes work. You can check the complete guide on mbersanilaw.com to understand the process. Let us explain why the investor visa makes an ideal option for family immigration 

No additional investment 

Unlike the other immigration routes, an investor visa has minimal eligibility requirements. Anyone over 18 years can apply for an investor visa. Applicants only have to validate they are in a good state of health and have a clean criminal record. Investment is the key criterion as you have to bring hefty funding to the country to qualify for the investor visa. The good thing is that you have options here, and you can start with as low as €250,000. Even better, you can bring along your spouse and dependents without additional investment. There couldn’t be a better way to start life afresh in Italy.  

Residency benefits for all 

As a part of the Italian investor visa process, you have to furnish proof of income to validate your ability to support your family in the country. If you have adequate financial resources, your family can come along and join you as residents. It means residency benefits everyone in your family. They can live and work in Italy, access education and healthcare benefits available to residents, and travel visa-free across the EU. You can set up a residence in the country and enjoy a new beginning with your loved ones.  

Subsequent Italian citizenship  

Another reason families prefer the investor visa route is that it serves as the first step to getting Italian citizenship. Your family members can own one of the most powerful passports after completing the required formalities for the process. The investor visa converts to a residence permit right after landing. It has a two-year validity, and you can renew it for another three years before expiration. Once you complete five years in the country, you acquire permanent residence status. The final transition entails eligibility for citizenship by naturalization after completing a decade in Italy. You only have to hold the original investment in the country to get citizenship for your entire family. 

Immigration experts recommend the Italian investor visa as the ideal route for families looking to move to Italy. It is specifically a good one for people looking for fast-track immigration without being eligible for other alternatives. The good thing is that you can get your family in with the investment for a single person. Everyone in the family can reach the citizenship goal, provided you follow the rules and retain the investment.  

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