What To Look For In A Good Patio Door

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A patio door can add some serious style and substance to your home. It’s a brilliant addition to your kitchen or dining area, giving panoramic views out into your yard. But, it also adds to the exterior appeal and can be used to extend your living space outdoors. 


The question is, how do you find a great patio door? Loads of options exist, so here are three key things to look for while you browse: 


Opening mechanism

How will the patio door open? This might seem like a weird question, but patio doors come with more opening mechanisms than normal doors. As well as opening outward on a hinge, you can get some that slide across. Then, there are bi-fold doors that sort of slide but also fold across – it’s hard to explain but there’s a good video here that explains the difference. 


Why does the opening mechanism matter at all? Well, consider how much space you have inside and outside your home. If you want to save as much space as possible, sliding or bi-fold patio doors are the best bet. It’s completely up to you; just keep the opening mechanism in mind when shortlisting your dream doors. 


Energy efficiency

Next, you need to think about the efficiency of the doors. Remember, patio doors are unlike normal doors in the sense that they’re predominately glass. The whole idea is to have this big door that shows you your backyard in all its glory. 


Therefore, you need to be sure that it’s energy efficient. With so much glass, some patio doors tend to be inefficient. Pick ones with thick glazing and good fittings that trap as much heat in your home as possible. 



Lastly, you must take durability into account. With a door that’s got so much glass, there’s a risk it could shatter or crack. Well, that’s only a risk if you choose the wrong type of door from a poor brand. Instead, take your time to choose patio doors made from durable materials that will handle bumps and bruises for years. Pay close attention to the glass panes that form the windows – these are the most important parts for durability. 


Consider things like Renewal by Andersen home windows as they are made out of materials that are stronger than the standard stuff you see nowadays. They also do patio doors, so you can have something that’ll stand the test of time and won’t shatter if hit by a rogue football thrown by your kids in the yard! Always do as much research as possible comparing brands and materials so you’re confident in making the right choice. 


Ultimately, these are the main things to consider when shopping for patio doors. The opening mechanism is closely linked to the overall style of the door. So, you can take that into account when browsing. Then, it’s all about getting energy-efficient and durable glass panels for your door. Combine everything and you’ll have a stunning patio door that adds value to your home for many years to come.

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