We Moved To New York!

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done? Additionally, what is the craziest thing you have done to try to start your family? When we first started trying to conceive, it was all fun and giggles. After months with no success it became a chore. We started using OPK’s, apps that told us when peak fertility was, legs up in the air, menstrual cups to keep the goods in (sorry mom), cutting out alcohol and caffeine, and even more crazy things we read online that might increase our odds. NOTHING! Nothing we did worked. We knew that conceiving shouldn’t be this hard so we went to a local fertility center (Grand Rapids, Michigan). 2 years! 2 years was the length of time we spent there. In that time period we did 4 IUI’s. adopted 2 embryos and transferred them, 2 rounds of IVF which resulted in 4 embryos, transferred 2 embryos at a time, and nothing. Still no baby to show. We were at a loss. Fertility treatments are horribly expensive when you pay for everything out of pocket. The medications they have you on for these treatments cost more than our mortgage!  We had spent just shy of $90,000 in two years. We knew that we could not afford to keep trying and failing the way we were. Should we cut our losses and give up? Maybe we really aren’t meant to be parents. All we knew was that the place we were going to was not a good fit for us.


A few days after finding out that our last 2 embryos did not stick around, I found CNY Fertility. CNY is a fertility center located in  6 different places. Their prices, unbeatable! We could have done 3 rounds of IVF with them for the price we did 1 round at our local facility! This was a sign! CNY was our final chance at starting our family.  We waited patiently for months to get an appointment with them. Covid-19 hit and things started shutting down. CNY was able to do get more patients in during this time which meant we got in way sooner than expected. We had a phone consult with them on March 24th. On April 3rd our medication arrived and on April 13th, we were given the option to fly to Syracuse New York to start our 3rd round of IVF.


Six days. That was the amount of time we had to decide if we wanted to move to New York for 3 weeks. Not just move to New York, but move there during a global pandemic! We talked with some of our closest friends and family members. We were expecting some backlash from people. Instead all we received was kind, supportive comments.  With the support from our family and friends, we packed up as much stuff as we could cram into our suitcases and we were off.  On April 19th, 2020 we moved to Syracuse New York.


Traveling with a suitcase full of fertility medications (temperature sensitive meds) was by far the scariest thing I have ever done. $5,000 worth of meds and I was responsible for them. Talk about stressful! We arrived to NY after 6 hours of traveling and layovers. We got our rental car, went to grocery store and found our new house for the next 3 weeks.  We unpacked and tried to make this tiny little house a home for the time being. The following day, April 20th, we went to our first in person appointment at CNY and we got the go ahead to start our stimulating hormones! Round 3 of IVF officially started! We wet to CNY multiple times and on April 29th, with 32 follicles, we pulled the trigger. On May 1st I had an egg retrieval where they were able to get 13 eggs!


They wanted to make sure my body was going to handle traveling home after having so many follicles so we had to stay a few days after surgery. We returned home on May 6th. Extremely sore but our hearts were so full! We were the proud parents to ADD HERE embryos. ADD HERE potential babies! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I kept telling my husband over and over again that these tiny little babies were going to stick around this time. These batch of cells would be the ones that finally made us parents! Our experience at CNY fertility was amazing! It was the complete opposite of the place we went to for years prior. Our journey does not end here! In fact it’s just beginning. We are confident that soon, we will be posting a pregnancy announcement rather than a failed treatment post.


A HUGE thank you to all of the nurses, clinical team, doctors, and everyone at CNY who made moving across the country, a little less scary, Thank you to my husbands parents and our friends for taking care of our 3 fur babies for us while we were gone. Thank you for all the kind messages and phone calls from our family and friends checking in on us to make sure we were doing okay.  Those texts, messages, and phone calls got us through those long 3 weeks!

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