Want a Successful Facelift? Try These Preparation Guidelines

The excitement when planning to do a facelift can be overwhelming. You can’t wait to have your face transformed and look younger. However, with all this excitement, you need to be cautious and prepared to ensure the procedure goes as planned and you get your desired outcome. A facelift is a sensitive procedure that requires a lot of planning and consultation with your doctor to ensure everything is ready. The preparation will include changing some of your habits, including your drinking and eating habits. This article will explore the best preparation guidelines to ensure you get a successful facelift. 

Stop Smoking 

As mentioned, one of the habits you need to change is smoking. Consumption of any tobacco product has a generally harmful effect on your health by constricting the blood flow. When going for a facelift, the doctor may ask you to quit smoking or using any tobacco-related products as they can complicate your recovery process. If you are an addict to smoking, talk to your doctor and get the necessary help for the procedure to be successful. 


It would be best to research the hospital you are going to for your surgery and the doctor and evaluate yourself. Finding a good doctor who uses modern technology for your facelift, such as Morpheus8 by Dr. Givens, will help ensure you get your desired outcome. If you have scarring or wrinkles, Morpheus8 can be used to soften and remove them. Research and consult with the doctor on the best practices you need to do. 

Financially Ready 

The facelift procedure requires a lot of financial planning, both from before the surgery to the recovery period. You need to have a reasonable budget and consult with the doctor, and inquire if they have a financial option that you can benefit from. It would be best if you had proper financial preparations since most health insurance will not cover such procedures; that is why preparations. 

Adjust Current Medication 

It is vital to talk to your doctor about any prescription you might be taking on your first meeting. The doctor can analyze them to know if you need to change the medication or if they affect the surgery procedure. Some medicines are not recommended for such surgeries and might complicate the whole process. Always be open with your doctor about any prescription or condition you might have to avoid such complications. 

Don’t Use Over-the-Counter Medication 

Some medications, such as aspirin, can cause excessive bleeding. You must follow the recommended medicines for safe surgery and recovery process. If you were using herbal supplements and anti-inflammatory, suspend using them weeks before and after the surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding. 

Drink Enough Water 

Water is an excellent necessity for your health and ensuring your skin is hydrated and helps maintain its elasticity. You must drink enough water before and after the surgery to enable quick recovery. 

Proper Clothing 

When going for the surgery, carry clothing that will not strain you when removing or wearing them. Pulling to remove your clothes over your head can scratch the face and lead to severe pain and damage. Be careful. 


Following the preparation guide above, you are ready for the procedure. Always consult with your doctor in case you have questions about the process. It’s also wise to have a friend or relative take you for the procedure and give you a ride back home.  

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