“Tweakments”: How To Reinvent Your Look

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As life goes on, the way you appear in the mirror changes naturally. It’s all part of the process. 


How you deal with it, though, is a different matter. You can either try to resist it – in which case you’ll be fighting a losing battle – or you’ll embrace it, allowing you to try new looks and see yourself in a new light. 


In this post, we take a look at some so-called “tweakments” – subtle ways that you can reinvent yourself at any age. 


Sort Out Your Teeth Once And For All


These days, dentistry can give practically anyone a perfect smile. Options like teeth whitening, implants, braces, Invisalign and even gum procedures can dramatically alter how they appear for the better. 

The best approach here is to go to your dentist and get them to give you a full evaluation. Tell them how you’d like your smile to appear and then allow them to suggest a range of suitable treatments. 


Add More Black


Adding a small amount of black to your aesthetic can be a wonderful way to radically change how you appear. For instance, wearing black lipstick immediately makes you look edgier. 


You can also add black in the form of tights or a cinch. You might also want to dye your hair black


Get A Mommy Makeover


Mommy makeovers are becoming more popular. They’re a bunch of cosmetic procedures designed to return your body to how it looked before you had children. 


As you might imagine, the actual form the makeover takes varies from woman to woman. For some, it’s just a matter of injecting some fillers and exfoliating the skin. For others, it requires more dramatic surgery. 


Change Your Makeup

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Have you been applying your makeup in the same way for your whole life? If so, you might want to change it up.


For instance, for a radically different look, you might reduce the amount of attention you pay to the area around your eyes and invest more time in your lips instead. Using red lipstick, for instance, instead of the usual gloss or neutral tone can dramatically alter your appearance. 


Accessorize More Often


The accessories that you wear also say a lot about you. Just by switching them up, you can effectively reinvent yourself. 


There are all sorts of things that you could do. These include: 


  • Wearing more pearls around your neck 
  • Adding a brooch to your coat
  • Making heavier use of gold around the wrists and ankles
  • Carrying a larger bag
  • Wearing a stylish hair tie instead of a generic black one


Experiment with different accessory setups to find something that suits you. 


Change The Color Of Your Eyes


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These days, you don’t have to make do with the eye color you were born with. Instead, you can fit contacts that effectively change the color of your eyes, making them look blue, hazel, purple, green or whatever color you want. You might want to stay away from red and yellow, though, unless you’re going to a comicon event.

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