Truck Got Stuck Will Keep Your Little Ones Wanting To Read!



My oldest son has just learned how to read in the last year or so. In the beginning it was a rough road, but now that he has entered first grade he seems to really be catching on. 

I always love to introduce new books for him to read. This not only insures that he isn’t just memorizing a book, but it also keeps him more engaged with reading books. For the month of January, his entire school has been having a competition to see which class is going to read the most pages. So, he has been trying to read as many pages as possible to help his class win the competition. 


So, just a couple days ago my oldest son was stuck in a rut of what books he wanted to read for the night. He has gone through his favorites, and was looking for something new. Since we were going through a pretty decent snow storm I figured there was no better time then right at that moment to pull out, Truck Got StuckI showed my son the book, and asked him if he wanted to check it out. He was stoked! 


Now, before this I had only took a few seconds to actually look at the book because I knew he would want to read it. I mean, he loves big vehicles and trucks. He loves snow. This was perfect. When he opened the book to start reading, I notice that this book is set up for beginner readers, and more advanced readers. The story on the left side of the pages, more advanced readers are able to breeze through. While the the right side of each page is meant for beginners. This can help kids really build confidence while learning how to read. 

He read through the book, and not only did he enjoy it so much. Even stopping a few times to talk about how many cars were stuck. My youngest also loved listening to the whole book. This brought up the topic of how many people could actually get stuck in the snow, and imaginations went wild with how cool it would be to have a blizzard big enough to cover our house. It was fantastic. 

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