The Evolution Of Little Helpers In Life Over The Years

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Eight years ago, I didn’t even know or understand what a blogger, or influencer was. I knew of a few bigger named people who were influencers but I was very pregnant and didn’t even think that would ever in a million years be me. Who knew what a incredible journey I would be on over the years. You see, eight years ago I was working in what I called my dream job. I was a scheduler at an assisted living community. I had the best of both worlds, the office job I had always wanted but with the ability to still spend time with the members of the community. I would choose when I needed to jump in and help out my coworkers with different members, but my favorite part? It was most definitely listening to all of the stories from the members of the community. The jokes, the stories from the ladies explaining the differences between child birth then and now. It was marvelous.

After giving birth to my son, Jason, we went to his one week check up to find out that his newborn screen had come back showing that he may have cystic fibrosis. Now, at that point I knew things could get serious. We went in for more testing and found out, yes, Jason was born with cystic fibrosis. After speaking with my husband and deciding what was best for our new little family we decided that I was going to become a stay at home mom until Jason, and now both kids are in school full time. Well, as much as I was so excited to be able to spend all day everyday with Jason I was also heartbroken that my job I had wanted for so long with the best people was now just done.

After speaking with a long time friend about how I now was just left to feel useless during the day. I mean, how much cleaning does one person need to do in a day? She introduced me into blogging. She helped me get set up, and sort of showed me the ropes of everything so to say. Instead of spending my down time twiddling my thumbs, I started to feel like I had a bit more purpose.

When I first started out, I didn’t know much of what I was doing. Over the past eight years I have learned so much about the different connections you can make. Not only with companies, but just with people in general. I have been able to learn so much, not only about blogging. But, also about how to build and maintain my own website. Also, as I have grown I have learned quite a bit about time management. During busy times, learning how to properly manage your time between your website, answering emails, family, and making sure the house stays in order can definitely be hard sometimes.

In the last year or so I have done a ton of growing as a blog, and really as a person as we have had so much time available for self reflection. Learning how to run a website on my own has been a bit of work, but I am learning everyday and I know that these skills will be able to help me in my future as my kids grow and I am able to go back to work part and full time. After getting my own domain, I have been able to get so much further ahead in my blogging goals. I have been able to add writers to my page, and have different stories featured. This is something I absolutely love as I love my reader base. I like making sure that there is a variety of style of writing.





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