The Best Home Additions Made from Wood

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Wood is an important raw material when it comes to construction. For thousands of years, man has used wood from trees for the purpose of shelter. Over time, this extraordinary material has been used for decoration, insulation, and fuel to keep the home warm. Unfortunately, wood is not an infinite resource, and we risk severe damage to the planet with continued deforestation.

But that doesn’t mean you should feel bad about using wood throughout your home. Although wood is not renewable, it is highly recyclable. In the UK alone, 60% of waste wood is recycled and repurposed. This means you can source wood-based projects from reputable companies playing their part in helping with sustainability.

The Garage

A common feature of many homes these days, and one that can add up to 10% of a home’s value, is the humble garage. However, the garage is no longer reserved for automotive storage. Most families admit to never using the garage for their cars. Instead, garages are enjoyed as an extra room, a hobby area, or storing household goods and food in bulk.

You might be a talented builder capable of erecting your own garage as one heck of a DIY project. But for most, this is simply impossible. Luckily you can choose from a wide range of garages for sale using reputable companies. In addition, many can design a new garage as customized for the style of your property, or you can simply choose from pre-designed structures.

Decking Areas

There isn’t really a better way to enjoy your private surroundings than relaxing on some beautiful wooden decking. And this is one thing you really don’t need to feel bad about since high-quality composite decking is now available. Composite decking uses waste wood to create planks of wood almost identical to freshly sourced timber and the pattern and aroma.

Additionally, decking helps when you are looking to sell. The illusion of a significantly increased living space means that decking adds a significant amount to your sale price. Around 10% of a property’s total value can be added. Most decking projects provide an 82% return on investment when factored into a sale evaluation. 

Scandinavian Spa and Sauna

Perhaps a little indulgent, yet the kind of home facility that screams luxury and privilege. A private home spa and sauna is a dream for anyone. You could choose from various spa styles, such as a decorative Indian spa, a sterile health spa, or an ultra-modern wellness spa. But one of the coziest and more suitable options for a spa or sauna is Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian style uses wooden planks a little excessively. However, it is used to significant effect when it comes to their styling. However, there is a purpose for using wood as much as possible in a spa and sauna. Softwoods are naturally heat resistant, and they do not bend or when exposed to moisture and high temperature. Of course, you could opt for tile, but even tile is known to crack when used in such a manner.


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