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Here who loves craft beer? My husband is a beer connoisseur! He has multiple memberships at different local breweries. Ever since Covid happened, going out to breweries is a thing of the past. But, the love for craft beer is still very real. Tavour has solved the problem, delivering boxes of only the best craft beer right to your doorstep.

Picture above are 16 beers that came in my July box. 16 craft beers from all over the United States.

First up is this West Coast IPA. This is your standard IPA, it is fruity, hoppy, and full of flavor. A must try for all you IPA lovers.

The name of this one cracks me up, naughty sauce. If you like coffee, you’ll love this. This is a golden milk stout in coffee. Beer with breakfast if that suites your fancy.

Heater Allen Pilsner is golden, malty, and has a very strong hop flavor.

Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales Turbofan is fruity and tart. The two fruits in this beer are apricot and grapefruit. If you are citrus fan, this is a great beer choice for you!

This dark stout will bring you back to your childhood. It is a peanut butter cup and beer and in one. Dessert in a can. Peanut butter lovers dream.

Villeinage is a dry hoped table saison. This is fruity and very dry. This beer is the wine of beers if you will.

NE style double IPA. Made with 3 different hops, it is crisp, dry, and easy to drink.

This is a first class transcontinental IPA. Soft, smooth, and hoppy.


Tavour is so unique. They offer a subscription service, perfect for all bee lovers, as well as sample boxes. Their sample boxes make for great gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or simply just because. Who doesn’t love a box of beer just because? Tavour has an app you can download on your phone which gives you easy access to hard to find, 100% independent craft beer from across the U.S.

They have 3 different boxes to pick. Mixed beer gift set, IPA gift set, Sour beer gift set, stout gift box, as well as sample boxes of all types of beer. We are huge fans of the mixed beer set. Having a mix of the best beer in the U.S. at your fingertips every month is great. My husband said that he is fine with never renewing his brewery memberships again and just sticking to Tavour

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