Taking The Stress Out Of Finding Your New Place To Call Home

Making a move somewhere can be so stressful. There is so much thought that has to go into making a move. Are you moving to a decent location? Are you going to get along with neighbors? Are you going to be near everything that interests you? Is the neighborhood your moving into a decent one? Every time I have had to make a move in my life, I have always wondered these things. Then on top of it, how do you even find a decent place to live?

Rather than stressing yourself out over how to find the perfect place to call home, especially during a pandemic I have found that Zumper is the best way to find exactly what you are looking for. Without stress or hassle. While looking for places to rent in Detroit. I have found that Zumper is easy to use, and is so up to date so I don’t have to stress on if a place is still on the market.

While looking for a new place, I always find it is important to think about what types of stores, or not you want to be around. How important is it to you to be close to a grocery store or even a convenience store? I personally am terrible at making sure I have everything for meals. Which means I make frequent trips to the store for the few things I missed while making my monthly grocery list.

Another thing I always find important is to think about the area you want to be in. Do you want to be around a lot of neighbors? More secluded? Zumper will be able to figure out more of what your needs are with only a few clicks. Being able to get real time alerts is so important now with how quickly places for rent are getting scooped up in the neighborhood. This means while doing your searches in your desired area, Zumper is able to give you alerts as soon as new places are posted up. Making sure you don’t miss exactly what you are looking for.

In Detroit, with so many great neighborhoods I know that my search for a new apartment has been so hard. Zumper has taken out all of the guess work. I now know what the median rent is in Detroit for a one bedroom is currently $1,200 a month. Knowing this helps me know whether or not I am getting a great deal, or a terrible deal. Which is one less thing I need to stress about while making my move.

I have also found that while searching for an apartment on the other side of the state, the application process can be so hard to do without driving each time to Detroit to fill out the applications. I love that Zumper is able to help me fill out applications right from my phone or computer with ease. If you are looking to buy, rather then rent Zumper is available to help with that as well. Being able to weed out where I am able to take my dogs or not is also very important to me. I always have had a hard time with places having it posted whether or not you are allowed to have your pets until after you have wasted your money on the application process.

I am so thankful to have found Zumper to help me find my perfect place in Detroit.

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