Build Your Little One’s Confidence With Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Having two boys, I love making sure they stay active outdoors. My oldest seems to be able to pick up on everything he does without any fears. My youngest on the other hand is much more cautious. We have been working on him learning how to ride a bike, but he is terrified of fallingRead more

Prince Lionheart Tubimal Is So Much More Than A Tub

While preparing for a baby, new parents have thousands of products to go through to find what is perfect for them. Finding the right product can be so hard, but Prince Lionheart Tubimals may be hands down my favorite baby bath on the market today. When my husband and I had our oldest son, weRead more

Prince Lionheart Eyefamily Bathroom Set Keeps Little Ones Independence

My kids have always gotten so frustrated that they couldn’t reach our bathroom sinks to wash their hands or brush their teeth. For years my oldest son would stand on the toilet seat to try and see in the mirror while he was washing his hands or brushing his teeth. Which always made me soRead more