Keeping Your Dog Safe Easily With SpotOn Wireless Fence

My family and I live on a busy four lane street. When we first moved here, my older dogs were pretty well trained to already stay far back from the road. My almost fifteen year old corgi has never made it past greeting friends on our sidewalk. However, three years ago after losing my blueRead more

MyPetPrints.Co Allows You To Keep Your Pets Memories Alive Forever

I will start out by saying I am a huge animal lover. Dogs especially have always been a huge part of my entire life. Through out the years I have had a few dogs, but 15 years ago I was given the chance to rescue a dream breed for me. A blue heeler, named Boozer.Read more

Help Your New Puppy Adjust with SmartPetLove

I will start off by saying, I am a total dog lover. When getting a new puppy, I have been known to sleep with them on my chest just like a baby. Which ends up leading to a lifetime of cuddles. When you first bring home your new fur baby, it can be so hardRead more