The Dinosaur in the Elevator & Guess Who Zoo by Howard Eisenberg

Howard Eisenberg writes books for a wide age range of children. They are interactive and so much fun for kids! How it works: each book, regardless of the age it is written for, is mostly complete but with strategically placed blanks. Allowing the kids to either finish the books or make guesses along the way,Read more

Wonderbly Personalized Books

Books are so important for development. I love buying books for the kiddos in my life and recently started buying books for birthdays in place of greeting cards. There are tons of great children’s books out there but Wonderbly is different for a few reasons! The biggest and coolest thing about Wonderbly is that theyRead more

I Have A Guardian Angel by Heather Paris

I Have A Guardian Angel by Heather Paris is a cute little book for kids that teaches them about how losing someone doesn’t mean that they are completely gone. For children and adults alike, it is very important to grieve loss in our own ways. This book helps to put a happy twist on lossRead more