Owlet Duo Monitor

If you are recently pregnant or have a young child, I am sure you have heard about Owlet. Owlet has a few different products, all of which are highly rated, and I now know why! Firstly, let me tell you a little about why this duo baby monitor is SO important to me. My husbandRead more

Bring Peace Of Mind To You And Your Babies With Novostella Sound Machine

Bringing home a new little bundle of joy into your home can be so scary. Making sure you have everything you need for that new little baby can stress parents out. One thing I think is a nursery must have is a great night light, as well as a great sound machine. I can notRead more

Prince Lionheart Tubimal Is So Much More Than A Tub

While preparing for a baby, new parents have thousands of products to go through to find what is perfect for them. Finding the right product can be so hard, but Prince Lionheart Tubimals may be hands down my favorite baby bath on the market today. When my husband and I had our oldest son, weRead more