Skinnytees Keeps You Comfortable While Being Fashionable

Having been a stay at home mom for the past almost eight years now, I still want to look nice while going out on dates with my husband, or even in public at all. The issue is, I want to still be comfortable because I have been spoiled enough to sit and be comfortable atRead more

Love & Fit Pumping Bra Review

Firstly I want to thank Love & Fit for working with me. They were so kind and sent me over their Athena 2.0 nursing sports bra in black. This is the back of the bra, it’s a simple cross over, it also clasps in the back.                  Read more

24/7 Has All Your Active Wear Needs! With A Giveaway!

I recently was searching for bra’s and panties, and was so happy to discover 24/7 Frenzy. I will say, I have always hated shopping for bra’s and panties. I hate going in the store, trying to figure out what I want. Trying to find good deals on them because I am always on a budgetRead more