Safety Features To Think About In Your New Home

Have you just moved into a new home in a new area? If so, you may be feeling a little unsettled in your new environment. There are a few things you can add to your new property to make you feel a little safer and less on edge.

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CCTV & Alarms 


Adding CCTV and alarms to your property can give you the peace of mind needed to keep you and your family safe. You can buy kits online to do it yourself but this can be tricky if you are unsure of what you are doing. You could call in the professionals to help you with something like this. They are well equipped to install these in your home and outside your property as well. The best thing about using a company for your security is that they will monitor your activity. If anything unusual or suspicious happens you will be alerted straight away. 


Video Doorbell


If you are worried about who could be loitering around outside your home then we recommend you get a video doorbell. These are great and can save a lot of worrying. It could be worrying over nothing but always better to be safe than sorry. These video doorbells record as soon as something comes into close proximity to your door. There is also the wonderful addition of being able to speak through it from an app on your phone. Great for deliveries if you are not home. 




When you move into a new residence it is definitely worthwhile changing the locks on all the doors. This is because any previous residents could have kept a copy of the key. The problem you have with this is that if they let themselves in and you are the victim of burglary, your insurance won’t cover it. 


Also, if you have moved to an area that has a high risk of hurricanes and other natural phenomena you are going to need to safety proof your home. If there was a hurricane and you had old-style windows then they would shatter into a million pieces. However, if you have specifically designed impact windows these would withstand any force battering against them. 


A Dog


One of the worrying things is something happening when you are blissfully unaware. For example, you could be in bed at night and someone decides it’s a good time to wander around your home. A dog would completely eradicate this as they will bark and alert you to anything bad. Plus point of owning a dog is that they are not only cute but they will do anything to protect their families. 


If you want to get a dog you need to love it and cherish it, not just use it as a door guard. They need to be treated like a member of the family. You also need to make sure the breed you are getting is suitable for your family’s needs. 


We hope you found this article helpful and it gave you some useful tips on how to look after the safety of your family and also your home. 


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