BloodxSweatxTears Vodka Is Perfect After A Long Hard Day

    I like to have a drink every once in a while. And my drink of choice always has vodka in it. I am so particular with my drinks though, I can’t have a gross tasting vodka. I know, I know, people claim vodka is flavorless and all that. It’s not true. BloodxSweatxTears Vodka knew that,Read more

BEAR Fruit Yo Yo’s Are Delicious And Nutritious Snack Choice

    Finding healthy snacks that are more then just sending an apple for my son to school can be so hard. With all the allergies we have to make sure we are aware of , I get so nervous about sending most anything to my sons school. There are also plenty of rules aboutRead more

Everipe Makes Healthy Eating Super Easy

    I have always dreamed of being the mom who has delicious smoothies available to my kids. I have attempted a few different times. My main problems are: I buy all this expensive fruit, and my kids either eat it before I get a chance to make a smoothie with it. Or the exactRead more

Belgian Boys Brings You All The Delicious Snacks!

    My family and I have always had a love for stroopwafels. Every year we travel down about 45 minutes from home to a replica of a Dutch Village and my kids always love that they get to make their own. We have had quite a few different brands. I don’t think that anythingRead more

FRONEN Gives You All The Flavor Without All The Lactose

    I have so many friends and family with different allergies and intolerance. Watching them have to struggle to find safe foods can be so hard.  I know for the younger kids especially the want for a nice cold treat can be hard with how much lactose is in most everything. Fronen has you covered. Now,Read more

Zignum Mezcal Silver Is A Delicious Addition To Your Liquor Cabinet

    For the longest time my shot of choice was Tequila. So when trying Zignum Mezcal, I thought since it comes from Agave it would be similar. I was wrong, but I think I found my new go to. Zignum Mezcal Silver is great alone or mixed into a cocktail. The difference between tequila and mezcal is:Read more

Titan 1 Dry Herb Vape Pen Is Perfect For All Smokers From NY Vape Shop

    Being able to have a pen for on the go can be so handy. Rather then packing everything up. I like to be more inconspicuous when out and about. The Titan 1 Dry Herb Vape Pen is perfect for anyone. I have a small amount of experience with dry herb pens now, and this oneRead more


Writing this and sharing this is something that I never would have done a year ago. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to be so vulnerable. Infertility is extremely personal! I feel so compelled to write this because of the vast amount of sheer ignorance I have witnessed and personally encountered from friends, family, acquaintances,Read more