Demdaco Giving Bear

Demdaco Giving bear is the most unique bear you’ll find. The meaning behind the bear made me so excited to get my hands on it. Sometimes you can feel so small in a great big world. Sometimes you might feel like a giant who can climb a beanstalk! However you are feeling, I want youRead more

Finding The Perfect Invites For Your Next Birthday Bash

Planning a birthday party can be so stressful. Making sure every single detail is perfect of your loved ones big day really adds pressure. Basic Invite is there to take the pressure off you a bit by helping you find the perfect invites for any loved ones special day. Customizing your perfect party invitation isRead more

Chandler Candle Company

Who here loves candles? I always have at least 1 candle burning in my house. I love a single candle can complete change the ambiance of a room. I typically burn scents popular to whatever season we are currently in.  Fall and winter are my absolute favorite so when Chandler candle Company offered to workRead more

Bridesmaids Gift Boutique Wrapped in Love Wallet

The Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique is a website that offers a ton of gifts for her for a variety of occasions and they can all be customized! When I got married, I had a hard time finding the right gift for my four bridesmaids and this would’ve been an amazing resource! There are so many trinketsRead more

Kyte Baby Review and Giveaway

It’s time for another Kyte baby review.  Kyte not only sent me 3 items to review, are allowing me to host a giveaway, but they also donated 100 scratch mittens and 100 hats to be donated to the Grand Rapids Helen Devos Childrens’s hospital. We do not have enough thank you’s! The babies in GrandRead more

Caveman Foods

My husband and I recently made some pretty big diet changes. Snacking was the hardest thing for me to change. Caveman Foods made this transition so much easier! They sent me over grain free brownie crunch, nutrition bars, mini nutrition bars, and meat snacks. Each pouch is 16g of protein, 8g of carbs, and onlyRead more

July 2020 BullyMake Box

Today is the day! Today is the day that we opened the July BullyMake box! My dogs all sat eagerly around me as I pulled off the plastic seal and showed them one by one the toys they received and let them try the three different varieties of cookies. This month’s box is grilling themedRead more

Peppi Gel

Where are my nail lovers at? I used to get my nails done every two weeks, like clock work. When we started fertility treatments, stopping my nail routine was an easy way to save money. I missed having pretty nails, and having that little bit of pampering time. Peppi Gel is an at home dipRead more

Barnana’s Plantain Chips

Chips are a staple in our house. I always joke with my husband that if I didn’t make him eat other things, he would survive on chips and dips alone. Of course I want him to have what he wants but I am also interested in finding healthier alternatives to the staples in our house.Read more