Simply Wishes Nursing and Pumping Bra

Simply Wishes sent me over one of their Super Mom all in one bras to review for you guys. This nursing bra does it all, it allows you to nurse, pump, and still rock a sexy bra. If you guys have nursed or have worn nursing bras, you know that it’s hard to find aRead more

Harmon Kardon Allure Keeps Your Family Connected

My family and I love listening to music. I typically have a blue tooth speaker in each room to be able to start music from our phones at anytime. I had been looking for a new speaker to have out in our kitchen. I came across the Harman Kardon Allure, and after reading and doingRead more

Click A Tree

  Click a Tree  was so kind and planted a tree in Ghana for me. Chris is the founder and CEO and started Click A Tree after his personal experience, I will share his story below. In the early 20th century, roughly 80% of Thailand were covered with forest. With increasing population and a boomingRead more

Love & Fit Pumping Bra Review

Firstly I want to thank Love & Fit for working with me. They were so kind and sent me over their Athena 2.0 nursing sports bra in black. This is the back of the bra, it’s a simple cross over, it also clasps in the back.                  Read more

24/7 Frenzy Review and Giveaway

24/7 Frenzy sent me some amazing products to review for you guys. They sent me a 6 pack of their Sofra Women’s plus  seamless sports bras which you can find  here as well as their 6 pack of Mamia Women’s Full Coverage Bras which are located here at 24/7 Frenzy.     My husband and IRead more

Keep Your Valuables Safe, Even In Your Car With Console Vault

A few years back, before I had my kids. I had my car broken into. It was very terrifying, and such an eye opening experience. You see, it was partially my own fault as I accidentally didn’t lock all my doors. And though I thought I was in safe area I quickly found out IRead more

Teaching Science to “Non-Science” Students & Using an Appropriate Homeschool Science Curriculum

For children that have a hard time with certain subjects, trying to force them to learn the “traditional” methods can be hard. Growing up, when doing Science classes, I was a “Non-Science” student. I had a hard time comprehending the experiments and things in my classes, but once given a book to read to learnRead more

SonicAlert Blink Doorbell Signaler Keeps You In The Know

My husband and I have gone on and off for years on if we wanted to put a doorbell in at our house. Weighing the pro’s and con’s. The sound of a doorbell when our kids were napping, or sleeping for the night always was the con that won. That was until now. Sonic AlertRead more

Hellowater Is More Then A Way To Stay Hydrated

Working on getting healthy means, working on staying hydrated. Hellowater makes sure you are not only staying hydrated, but also getting your daily fiber needs met easily by having a delicious flavored water that has fiber. I was lucky enough to have my family and I check out the different flavors.   I was curiousRead more

24/7 Has All Your Active Wear Needs! With A Giveaway!

I recently was searching for bra’s and panties, and was so happy to discover 24/7 Frenzy. I will say, I have always hated shopping for bra’s and panties. I hate going in the store, trying to figure out what I want. Trying to find good deals on them because I am always on a budgetRead more