Options to Consider When Fixing Damaged Teeth

When you’re dealing with damaged teeth, it’s something that can really knock your confidence, not to mention the physical pains and problems it might cause you. That’s why it’s so important to get the problem properly addressed by a professional dentist. We’re going to talk today about the options you might want to consider when taking action regarding your damaged teeth. There’s a range of treatment options out there that you can make use of, and you can find out about some of the most commonly used below.



Crowns essentially cover a broken or damaged tooth. They use a porcelain shell that protects the tooth underneath and also mimics the appearance of a regular tooth. When done properly, they just look like normal teeth and you won’t notice the difference at a glance. They work from an aesthetic point of view and they’re also effective in terms of offering the protection you’re looking for as well.



Veneers are similar to crowns in lots of ways, and they’re among the most common dental health interventions made by dentists each year. They’re thinner than crowns and don’t necessarily cover the whole tooth the way crowns do. But they are used to cover damage and offer that protection patients are looking for, while also looking like natural teeth at the same time. They’re quick and easy to fit and can last a long time once in place.

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Fillings are very common and are only really suitable for minor damage and problems. Nevertheless, they are one of the safest and most common procedures and they benefit lots of people. They cover up cracks and damage to the teeth and make it so that debris can’t get into those areas and lead to infections and other such problems in the future. It’s efficient and painless, and those are the reasons it’s popular.


Dental Implants

Many people who have more severe dental problems and damage to their teeth find that dental implants are the best long-term solution. There are also lots of different types of dental implant procedures out there, such as all-on-5’s, and that’s something you’ll need to discuss with your dentist if you’re interested in implants. They’ll be able to recommend the best path for you.


Dental Sealant

If there are holes or larger cracks in the teeth, it’s sometimes necessary to have them sealed. This can be done with dental sealant and it’s something that lots of people benefit from. Those holes can be more likely to become infected in the future, so sealing them correctly is usually a good idea. The process of applying dental sealant is relatively straightforward and doesn’t take much time.

Each of the dental interventions and treatments discussed here today will offer you different benefits. What’s most important is that you work alongside your dentist to find the treatment that’s going to best address the specific issues that you’re currently facing. And you shouldn’t ignore the problem hoping it’ll go away because it won’t.

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