Must-Have Craft Tools Every DIY Lover Needs

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Whether you’re an expert crafter or you’re just getting into crafting, there are some must-have tools that you should have. The right tools make it easy to tackle any project that you wish to try. You’ll find that you have fewer instances of looking at instructions for how to make something and realizing you don’t have a key item that’s essential for making it. Of course, you also need to have the right materials, in addition to the tools, but you’ll be much more prepared for any project if you already have the tools available.


Here are some of the craft tools you should make sure you have in your arsenal if you want to be prepared to take on any craft project.


Basic Sewing Machine/Sewing Kit


A sewing machine might not be an essential tool, but it is definitely useful. It makes sewing much faster, so you can work on craft projects more quickly. Basic sewing machines will have a decent number of stitches to choose from but otherwise fairly simple functions. They’re also very affordable and tend to be small, so you can easily store them if you’re not using them. In addition to a sewing machine, or instead of one, you should also have a good sewing kit. It will enable you to do any hand-sewing that you might want to do, whether it’s sewing on a button, embroidery, or just doing a neat, hand-sewn finish on one of your projects.


Hot Glue Gun

When you’re not sewing something together, you can often find yourself gluing it together. With craft glue guns, pretty much everything can be glued together. Hot glue makes it possible to bond lots of different materials together, although not everything will stick together well using a hot glue gun. You don’t need to have a huge glue gun, but you might find the larger ones more convenient. You won’t have to change the glue stick so often, it’s easier to find sticks that are the right size, and you can explore different options for nozzle sizes and more.

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Cutting Tools


You will often find yourself needing to cut things when you’re doing crafts, from paper to fabric and more. The right cutting tools for the job will make your projects a lot easier. Firstly, you’re going to need some scissors. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s a good idea to have different scissors for different purposes. Fabric scissors are designed for cutting fabric efficiently, so they’re pretty sharp. If you use them on anything other than fabric, even paper, you’ll dull them and they won’t be so effective anymore. Apart from scissors, you might want to have a craft knife or even a cutting machine.




Painting something is an easy way to upgrade it, and you can often require paint and paintbrushes for craft projects. You might be doing different kinds of painting, so it makes sense to have different types of paintbrushes. If you want to paint a door in your home, you’ll want to have proper paintbrushes for doing DIY. But if you’re painting a more delicate craft project, you’ll want craft paintbrushes that give you a bit more control over what you’re doing. A set of brushes and some different types of paints will get you set up for a range of different projects.

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Measuring Tools


Being able to measure things accurately helps you to keep your projects neat. There are a few different measuring tools that can come in handy when you’re doing crafts. Rulers come in different lengths and shapes, and you might benefit from a curved ruler or French curves. A rigid tape measure is a good idea for DIY when you need to measure longer lengths. A soft tape measure is better if you’re not just measuring flat surfaces because it’s more flexible and you can wrap it around things. It’s also useful to have some string on hand for measuring more awkward things.




With all of your craft tools and craft supplies, you need somewhere to put them. You can discover that your craft supplies quickly take over a significant portion of your home, especially if you don’t store everything correctly. Some storage items are designed specifically for storing your craft supplies, but you don’t necessarily need to invest in fancy craft storage. There are cheaper alternatives so you can put things away in boxes, baskets, and drawers, and keep everything neat.


The essential craft tools will enable you to do just about any craft project. Get these important tools together and add some important materials too.

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