Media Kit

First off, I would like to say hello and thank you for stopping by our site. My name is Amanda and we have been working to bring you the latest and greatest products for you and your family. I am a stay at home mother to two amazing boys. I became a stay at home mom when my oldest son was born due to his diagnoses with Cystic Fibrosis. Our family loves reviewing different products together for our page. 

We are a family friendly site. We encourage the promotion of anything that is some how helpful or going to help brighten some ones day up. This can include, toys, baby accessories, snacks, household gadgets, clothing and accessories, adult products, etc. If we have not mentioned something you are wanting to work on a collaboration with us on, just shoot us an email and ask. We are open to review many things. 

At Little Helpers in Life, when working on a review we do require a full size product or product worth fifty dollars or more to make sure we are able to conduct a thorough review on the product(s). Products that are sent to us to review, will not be returned back to the company when our review is finished. Items to be reviewed by Little Helpers in Life shall be supplied by the company. This includes, the product itself, all shipping costs, and shipping out to the prize winner if a giveaway is agreed upon. If discussed, we may be able to make exceptions when shipping a prize to a winner. 

Once we have wrote and posted a review onto Little Helpers in Life, it will remain on the blog, not to be deleted. Once we have finished and published a review, we will provide you the link to the written review. If you would like us to attach your social media links, we ask that you provide them for us in an email when discussing a collaboration. We have a goal to have your review completed within four weeks of receiving a product. Some times this may need to be pushed back for various reasons with Amanda’s sons health, or during busy seasons. If the product is a sample size, damaged, or somehow deemed unsatisfactory we will not review it. Instead we will contact you and let you know. 

We are also willing to publish sponsored posts, sponsored giveaways, and other various things. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please feel free to contact us.