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Whether you’re planning a kid of your own or you’re going to be babysitting a loved one’s little one, you’re going to have to take some steps to make sure that your home is kid friendly. No matter how fine your home may seem to you, it really is important that you start to take a look at it, considering it from the perspective of a child. As adults, we are well aware what threats lie in our homes and how to avoid them.

Kids don’t have this common sense yet. Used in the wrong way, or approached in the wrong way, many standard household elements and items can quickly become dangerous or even life threatening. Moreover, if you’re adopting to hoping to become a foster parent, you will be thoroughly vetted to ensure you’re bringing the child into a safe environment, and of course, that also includes the condition and safety of the home. The good news is that some care, reorganisation and a few safety oriented investments can make your home perfectly safe for supervised little ones. Here are a few suggestions that can help with this.


Child Locks

There should be child locks on anything potentially harmful or simply not child friendly in your home. Consider cupboard locks for any cupboards containing plastic bags, cleaning products, medicine and more. Invest in a doob tube with child lock for cigarettes. You may want to consider safety lock covers for the knobs on your hob or any other knobs that you want to avoid your children switching on or off.


Plug Covers

As adults, we know that we shouldn’t stick anything in electrical outlets, but kids don’t know better. You don’t want your kid to put anything in plug sockets, as this can pose a fire threat, but you also want to make sure they don’t put metal items, such as knives or forks inside, as this could cause an electric shock. Consider plug covers which make these sockets out of bounds when not in use.


Blind Cords

If you have blinds in your home, you need to make sure that their cords are tied up and out of reach of children. Kids can easily get tangled playing in cords and you don’t want them to potentially get the cords around their neck. Most blinds are now supplied with cord ties that help with this.


Fixed Furniture

For kids, furniture can seem like one big climbing frame. Make sure to have any large furniture properly fixed to your walls. This prevents them from becoming a topple hazard. Of course, you need to supervise kids to make sure that they’re not climbing on anything they shouldn’t be, but securing furniture properly to walls can add an extra layer of safety and accident prevention.


Stair Gates

If kids are particularly young and crawling or not able to navigate stairs safely alone, you should invest in a stair gate or stair guard. These can be fitted at the top and bottom of stairs, preventing tumbles and falls. They can be easily fitted and removed if you’re only babysitting.

These are just a few steps that you can take to make your home as kid safe as possible. Each will make all the difference!

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