Making Memories Last Longer With FUJIFILM

In a day where everything seems to be digital, it is hard to keep “hard copies” of some of your favorite memories. With our new way of taking photos on digital cameras and phones, it is becoming more rare to actually print the memories off. And when you lose your phone, or upgrade all your pictures may not transfer over. FUJIFILM has come out with a amazing printer that you are able to easily hook your phone up to, and print off all of your favorite photos.


The Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer is perfect for you to be able to preview before printing off

a picture. This works great with your phone, so you are able to easily review, choose, and print exactly what images you would like. With the free app you are able to customize, edit, and print photos in the JPEG, PNG, HEIF, and DNG formats. Available editing tools include cropping, filters, collages, and the ability to add text. Users will also have access to 100 types of stickers and 1500 different emojis. 30 available templates may be edited in terms of color, text content, color, font position, size, while the overall print quality may be varied with “INSTAX-Rich” or “INSTAX-Natural” modes. Another unique feature is QR Print Mode, which prints a QR code on your photo that may be linked to an audio message, a web page, text, an invitation, and more. Fujifilm’s INSTAX Link Wide Smartphone Printer is powered using an internal lithium-ion battery that can print up 100 images when fully charged.




If you are looking for a fun party camera, the Instax Mini 11 instant camera is perfect! Instantly get prints of you, family, and friends where ever you are. This camera is a huge hit in our house when we have friends over. Everyone gets a kick out of being able to have images printed immediately. It even comes with a one touch selfie mode! You can find this great camera in six different color options. I love the lilac, it is a beautiful light purple.

These products are perfect for at home, vacation, or even parties. Make sure to always bring Fujifilm with you to help you keep all your best memories. You can load up on these and other great Fujifilm products here.



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