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When planning a big move, it can be so stressful in all the time leading up to moving day. In my adult life, I have moved a few times. Every single time I have moved, it just seems to get more stressful for not just me, but anyone around me as I start to panic that I am not going to be able to move my items safely.  After many moves, I have learned one very important lesson, hire help to get you through your move. Hiring help to get your things from your old place to your new place can help drop so much stress out of your move.

When looking for great moving companies, I make sure to do a great amount of research before even calling. Designed to Move is a fabulous moving company that will come in and move your things so you don’t have too. No matter what the job is, it isn’t going to be too big for Designed to Move. They are capable of not just residential moves, but also commercial.

When speaking to friends about moving companies, and who they have used in their past moves a big complaint everyone seemed to have been how the movers acted while moving their items. Most seem to have bad attitudes at work, and not take into consideration that what they are moving could be someone’s most valuable possessions. The people at Designed to Move make sure to be thoughtful about how they are not only treating your possessions, but how they are treating your property while they are on it.

Designed to Move isn’t just for whole house moves, or even full commercial moves. They will help you move anything you need. I know my husband and I have been looking into buying a hot tub, but our biggest issue hasHand Truck, Handtruck, Hand Cart, Box been, how are we getting it home? I know that I am able to now get a hot tub moved to my house with confidence that it will come to our home in the same condition it left where we bought it from with using these great movers from Detroit. 

When recently moving my mother-in-law, one of the things we couldn’t take from the old house to the new was her piano. We were in a rush to get her out, and in that rush, we didn’t think to even call somewhere to help us move it out for her. The piano had been in her family for three generations, and sadly it ended up staying. Designed to Move will make sure to help you move whatever it is you need, even if it is only one piece of furniture, or one piano they will make sure you don’t have to leave your most loved items behind.

Whirlpool, Hot Tub, Garden, SummerI love that you are able to easily get an estimate right on their website. And it is so simple, you put the address you are moving your item(s) from, and the address your item(s) are going too. The average size of your items, and enter your information they get back to you quickly with a quote. So, you aren’t stuck waiting on hold for what always seems to be a long wait to know if they are the best deal for your situation. On top of that, their workers come out on time and friendly, every time.

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