Make Healthy Smoothies Easily With Cocinare 1100 Watt Personal Blender

Coming into the new year, I have made it my mission to start taking charge of my health and well-being. With that comes a healthier diet. I found making smoothies to be a lot of work in the past with my average size blender. You end up making way more than what you need, so you end up with a lot of waste. Also, it is such a pain to have to clean out my full-size blender.

I stumbled across the Cocinare 1100 Watt Personal Blender online and was so stoked to try it out. This personal blender turns right into a 16-ounce sports bottle to go. It is so easy to use with 6 titanium blades that are sure to blend everything into perfection. This also helps with clean up being a breeze.

Some great specs about this great personal blender are:
Speed: 30000rpm
Total Volume: 16oz (460ml)
Vessel Materials: BPA-Free
Width: 5 inches
Height: 18.62 inches
System: Vortex Blending
Voltage: 120V
Wattage: 1100W peak power
Warranty: 12+6 months
Apps: Cocinare APP

The Cocinare personal blender is so easy even my kids are able to make themselves a quick smoothie. Which has helped them learn to also eat a bit healthier. This also helps kids feel fuller longer, so the endless snacking has really been knocked down to a minimum.

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