Lets Buy Trampolines Brings A Safer Way To Jump Around


For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed about owning a trampoline. All growing up, my mother told me we couldn’t get one because she was worried about us falling off. So I thought, when I grow up, buy my own house I will finally own one. Well now, after actually growing up, getting married, and owning our home. I have fallen in love with the in-ground trampolines since they are well built and eliminate the possibility of falling off from above the ground.I also like the fact that we do not have to worry about wind blowing them away as I have seen multiple stories of “traditional” trampolines flying during storms and doing so much damage. This definitely makes owning a trampoline a fun and safe option for the whole family. 

While trying to convince my husband that we really need a trampoline. I came across Let’s Buy Trampolines. Now these trampolines are nothing like what you can buy in store. They are so much cooler! And so much safer for younger kids especially. Rather than your young ones having to climb up and down a ladder, and zipping or buttoning themselves into the net, they can run on and off with ease. No more having to worry about the younger kids especially falling from the ladder, or even off the trampoline. 

Installation does take a little bit of time. Nothing worse then setting up a above ground pool if you ask me. And Let’s Buy Trampolines has all the instructions right on their website, so you can start prepping before the trampoline even gets delivered to you. Or even hire out the digging if you need too. These trampolines are built to last. With heavy duty galvanized steel frame, longer commercial grade springs and Polypropylene Jump Mat you will not have to worry about your new trampoline breaking or rusting. Plus, with it being in ground, you don’t have to worry about it catching the wind and taking off in the middle of any kind of storm. Which I know in Michigan, our storm systems can be a bit out of control some times. 

 I absolutely love that Let’s Buy Trampolines come in different sizes, and you have a choice between a traditional circle, or a rectangular trampoline. They also have great safety net options. Let’s Buy Trampolines is the only company to offer full, half and quarter safety net options. This can insure that your kids are going to be safe while playing and running off their energy. They also have patented vented pads, which allow the air to escape up between the springs and literally through the safety padding. Allowing the air to pass through the jump pad itself. This removes the issue of resistance of trapped air. Also making your jumping experience quieter while giving a better bounce. 

Sizes start at eight feet, and go up to fourteen feet. You have a choice between green or gray padding for your trampoline. Depending on what you would want for your yard and landscaping. There are also trampoline covers available for purchase to make sure you can keep your new purchase protected from collecting leaves, dirt or having the sun. There are drainage holes to let the water go through so you don’t have to worry about it collecting water and making it impossible to get off. 

If you would like to learn more, please check out Let’s Buy Trampolines

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