Keeping Mold at Bay

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Mold is a big problem with around 70 percent of all homes in the United States suffering from mold issues.

The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to keep mold at bay in your home. Including the following:


Keep your roof in a good state of repair

If your roof is missing shingles, has a leak, or is otherwise in a state of disrepair, water can start to leak in and this can lead to mold and mildew problems. Good roof replacement and installation services will patch up problems and keep your home as watertight as it is possible to be, so that this is much less likely to become an issue, but you do need to act and call them as soon as you notice a potential roofing problem.


Open the windows

It can be tempting to keep the windows in your home closed, especially when it is cold and wet outside, but it is not the best way to go about things if you want to keep mold at bay. Letting lots of fresh air into your home will help to air it out and keep the production of mold at bay, so even if it is only for an hour every morning, make an effort to open the windows. 


Keep carpets clean

A lot of people do not realize that carpets can be a prime source of mold in the home. When we walk on carpets in our shoes, we track a lot of dirt and mold, and spores into the place, and if they are not cleaned up, they can take root and start spreading mold. Regular carpet cleaning will help to prevent that from happening. Of course, if you can encourage your family members to take their shoes off indoors, this will really help too. 


Deal with leaks

If there is a pipe in your home that is leaking, even if it is only a small drip, you do need to get in touch with your plumber as soon as possible because that water will provide the perfect damp conditions for mold and mildew to thrive, and once you have it, it will be really difficult to get rid of it effectively. 


Run a dehumidifier

If your home is humid, if there is often condensation on the widows, then buying a decent dehumidifier and running it regularly will help to strip moisture out of the air, which will make it a whole lot more difficult for mold to take hold of your home. If you have a big home, you may need to tun multiple dehumidifiers, otherwise one on each floor should be enough to deal with the issue.

Mold may be a big problem for many, but there are, as you can see, numerous things you can do to hopefully keep it at bay in your own home, and it is definitely worth doing just that because mold can not only ravage your home, but it can also cause serious health issues too.

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