Keep Your Laundry Smelling Great, Without The Harsh Price With smol Laundry Detergent



The amount of laundry I do seems to be insane every week. For our family of four, I can do up to eight loads a week depending on time of year, or how many spills we have had. Even accidents that my kids have. I have always been very particular about the smell of my clothes after they are clean. I always want to make sure they have a nice clean scent. I end up spending a ton of laundry detergent, all the extras that I know are not the best for my clothes, or my washing machine. All because I want everything to smell great. 


Needless to say, I was super skeptical when I first learned of smol. But thought, why not give it a shot. After doing some serious research, and reading on smol’s website, I found out how much cheaper it is to use smol compared to what I pay at the store. This is even with using coupons for store bought detergent. I was so impressed with the scent. 

These little pods are great, especially in comparison to the ones I can buy at our local grocery store. They smell fabulous, even after going through the washer, and dryer. My clothes still smell fresh, without smelling to intense. I also love that you can get them for so much cheaper then what you can in the store. It also only takes one for me to get a large load clean. And this is with bad messes that my two boys can get on their clothes. You also don’t have to worry about forgetting them in the car in the winter time, and having them freeze. Smol is sent right to your door step. They have a free offer on their website, I believe you only have to pay a dollar for shipping to try out these. What a great deal! Their packs are child proof as well, which is perfect when you have little ones. 

If you would like to check out smol, please visit their website

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