How & Why To Improve Your Home’s Privacy

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Privacy is one of those things we take for granted until we no longer have it. That might sound like a grand philosophical statement, perhaps given by a French intellectual in the mid-18th-century, but the truth is that any couple welcoming a baby, then a toddler, onto a small child in their family knows what a loss of privacy can mean. We accept it of course, but it just goes to show, you only know what you’re missing when you’re missing it.

As you do settle down into your family home it’s wise to ponder this lesson and consider why improving your home privacy can be ideal. First of all – the more privacy you have, the less of a target your home might become for potential thieves or trespassers. Secondly, you can more comfortably express yourself when you’re enjoying your own privacy – for instance, it’s nice to sunbathe in your garden knowing that no one is watching you, or to do your morning pilates without being watched through the window.

With that in mind, let’s consider how you might improve your home’s privacy for good:


Suitable, Well-Fitted Blinds

A pair of suitable and well-fitted blinds or shutters can make a big difference to your privacy, as closing them when desired can completely block out the view of those passing by, or the amount of visibility and daylight you’d like to let in can be entirely decided by your mood at the time. Some aesthetic choices can also work wonderfully within your property, such as plantation shutters outside of your kitchen window. This can also help you remain shielded from view at night, giving you the security and safety needed to relax.


Border The Driveway

Bordering the driveway will help your house in general remain more private than it would otherwise be. You can border it by implementing a gate, fences, or a shorter wall. You may also border the full front garden using a hedgerow that can add a natural division between your property and the pavement or road. Make sure that you implement measures to help mitigate the reduced visibility – for instance adding a larger mirror around a blind corner can help you ensure you still pull out of your property with safety.


Soundproofing Can Help

It’s not just visible privacy but sound privacy that can also be a big benefit. Soundproofing areas of your home alongside the insulation can be helpful, be that fitting the basement with solid soundproofing so your child can take up drumming lessons after all, to fitting soundproofing in your home office so remote work meetings won’t be interrupted by the rest of the household, it pays to think about sound and how or when you hope to make it going forward.


With this advice, you’re sure to know why and how to improve your home’s privacy.

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