How to Save Money On Your Energy Bills This Winter

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Whether the winter months are gone, already upon you, or just around the corner, there is always something you can look into to try and save yourself a bit of money on your energy bills. For example, you could change a few things around your home to make it more energy efficient or look at ways in which you can even create and store your own energy. By doing either one of these things you will not only reduce the amount of energy used to run your home but also help you to significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills during this hard financial time around the world. Let’s look at a few ways you could save money on your energy bills this winter.


#1  Replace your lightbulbs and keep them turned off

Most people are guilty of turning lights on in a room and then leaving them on for hours, even if the room is not occupied or dark. In some cases, this is less of an issue but if you have high-wattage halogen bulbs then the costs will start to rack up over the year. An obvious fix to this is to try and remember to turn not only your lights off when you leave a room but also anything else that might be on standby or consuming energy that you won’t need to use in the immediate future. You can also replace your high energy-consuming halogen bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which cost a fraction of the price to run. It’s also important to choose the right lighting type for your outdoor space. According to professionals at Blingle!, “professional grade lighting products and technology makes your home, business or event shine, and keep the lights on longer, brighter and more energy efficient


#2 Upgrade or replace your windows

If you think about your old single-glazed or draughty windows as holes in a bucket, you wouldn’t use a leaky bucket to hold water in. So, why would you keep your draughty windows on a house that you are trying to keep your heat in with? Once you have heated your home, the aim is to retain that heat for as long as possible. You will then not need to keep reheating your home and will inevitably save money. A lot of old houses will have just single-glazed windows, these are not very energy efficient and will leak out heat even if they do not have a draught. It would be advisable to look at upgrading these old-school windows for double or even triple-glazed windows. If you do have modern windows already, you should check that they do not need replacing or repairing, as they could also be leaking your heat out, causing you to use more energy and spend more unneeded money.


#3 Get solar panels installed

Getting solar panels for home improvements is often a great place to start when trying to save money on your energy bills this winter. Although they have an initial cost that accompanies them for the installation and equipment, this is an investment because over time you will not only save money on your electricity, but some people have the opportunity to make the money back. If you are eligible and able to do so, you can send energy back to the National Grid and earn money for it. This can be an extremely helpful thing over the winter months.  

There are of course many other ways for you to save money on your bills this winter, but these are great places to start.

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