How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

It’s that time of year again! As the days grow shorter and the weather gets cooler, we all know what that means: hurricane season is upon us. This can be a stressful time for many people as they prepare their homes and families for potential storms. 


Hurricane season arrives every year and strikes many states along the east coast and hundreds of others throughout the world. From an early start in June to a late ending in December, it’s always important to be ready for whatever the weather holds.

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Determine Your Risk

Check with your local authorities about what types of storms generally affect your area – do they get tropical storms or hurricanes? Are there any low-lying areas nearby that might flood during heavy rain?


Develop An Evacuation Plan

Create an evacuation plan ahead of time, so when bad weather looms closer, you’ll be ready to leave immediately. Make sure your plan includes where you will go, how everyone in the family gets there safely, and what items are necessary for survival once at that location (food, water).


Get Your Supplies

Have non-perishable food on hand for each person in your household. Don’t forget about any pets! Many emergency officials recommend having a three-day supply of canned foods on standby; this way, if the electricity goes out due to flooding or other storm damage, you won’t lose everything inside your fridge or freezer. Also, make sure there is plenty of bottled water stored as well – one gallon per person per day according to FEMA guidelines – so when the water main is turned off, you will still have a way to drink and cook. Candles, matches, and flashlights are also a must in case of a power outage.


Board Up Windows

If your home is susceptible to high winds, it’s best to board up windows as soon as possible before the storm hits. Plywood sheets can be bought at any hardware store and don’t take long to put up – just make sure you do it well in advance of the bad weather, so there isn’t any last-minute rushing around. While you’re at it, check your roof as well. If you do see some loose tiles and a possible leak, get America’s Choice Roofing guys to come and repair it as soon as possible. 


Trim Trees And Branches

Overgrown trees or branches that could fall on your house or car during a hurricane should be trimmed back now, before any storm hits.


Know Your Home Insurance

Be sure all homeowners insurance policies are up to date and that you have the proper coverage for hurricane damage, should it occur. Take pictures or video of your property now, so if something does happen, you will have a record of what was there beforehand as proof when filing claims later on down the line. Also, make copies of these documents – along with any other essential documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, etc.- then put them somewhere safe, like in an airtight box inside your waterproof garage storage unit where they won’t get wet or ruined by water damage during flooding events. This way, if anything happens at home while gone away from there temporarily due to evacuation orders being issued, you will already have a record of your possessions.


Safely Store Valuables

Speaking of storage, be sure any valuables are kept in an area that is safe from floodwaters or high winds. Jewelry, money, and other items can easily get lost if not stored properly beforehand, so it’s important to take these steps now before disaster strikes later on down the line when there might not be enough time left for preparation tasks such as this one.


Fuel Up Your Car

Don’t forget about filling up gas tanks well ahead of any approaching storm – especially during peak hurricane season. It may seem like common sense, but many people wait until the last minute and then find themselves scrambling around to try and find a gas station that isn’t already out of fuel.

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