How To Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen

If you are new to having a commercial kitchen, and it has been a labor of love to get your dream off the ground – you might still be tackling some of the everyday issues. Commercial kitchens are busy, they get messy – and they can be filled with hazards. 


Part of your job is to make sure that you keep everything in the kitchen in perfect working order. Here are a couple of simple tips to get to most from your restaurant equipment.

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A microwave does have a place in the commercial kitchen, and it is one of the most hard-working machines you have. Keeping the inside of your commercial kitchen clean is important. Depending on what you place in your microwave, the smell can permeate later dishes, and food particles can also cause problems. 


Cleaning the inside of a commercial microwave doesn’t take much time. Fill a microwavable bowl with water, and put it in for about 2 minutes until you see steam rising, and then scrub the inside. 


Try to avoid chemicals here – even microwave-safe ones. If there is a smell, placing some slices of lemon in the water can help to neutralize them. 



Perhaps one of the hardest working items in the kitchen bar the frying station. The oven is often the scene of multiple spills, the odd food explosion, and a lot of bubbling. With the heat from the oven on for the duration of the time the kitchen is open and even many hours before, stains get caked on. 


Ahead of cleaning the oven, lay some towels down on the floor and get some gloves. While you don’t want to use anything too abrasive, you will need to put some serious elbow grease in. The oven should be cleaned down at the end of every day, but a deep clean once a week is essential. 


Remove all the shelving and glass, scrub them separately, and then use an oven-cleaning chemical to break down all of the grime. Once everything is clean, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the whole thing down. 


The cooker hood is something that can be left to professionals, and getting a full exhaust hood system cleaning is the best option. 


Don’t use sharps to remove anything that is baked on so that you can avoid scratching any of the elements or the coating. 



Commercial dishwashers are heroes, and it is important that you make sure yours isn’t clogged, has no food debris in there, and is ready for every cycle. Pre-wash or rinse all of the dishes before they go in the dishwasher. 


The easiest way to see if your filter is clogged then you’ll know that filter is clogged. Anything that comes out cloudy or still with food on it, then it’s time to clean out the dishwasher. 


Once you have given it a clean, run it without any dishes in it and some softening salts or a multi-purpose cleaner. 


A commercial kitchen is the heart of any new restaurant business – make sure yours is running at 100% all the time. Run your business better, and set yourself up for success with these tips: 4 Things Limiting Your Business from Progressing – Little Helpers In Life.  


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