How to Help Your Kids Build Confidence When They’re Young

When it comes to your kids, confidence is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a parent. Your child might be smart and have loads of natural talent, but if they don’t feel confident about their abilities, they won’t show it. Confidence is something that needs to be nurtured from a young age – which means it’s something you need to start working on right away. Here are great ways to help your kids find their confidence at a young age.

Dance Lessons

Dancing is a great confidence booster. It’s an awesome way to build self-esteem, learn communication skills, and build confidence through interaction with others with others. If your kids are young, you can start them off with a few basic dancing lessons, such as ballet classes. This will help them see how fun it is and give them a foundation to build on later, as well as starting a healthy exercise routine and building confidence.

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Act As a Role Model

Kids are hardwired to learn by example, so how you act is hugely important. Kids pick up so much from watching how their parents behave, what they say, and how they respond to situations. This might be especially important for kids who are shy or anxious about things. Having a confident parent who is comfortable in their own skin will show them how to be more confident in themselves. 

Praise When You See Effort

Kids are often praised when they get good grades and excel at sports. When you see your kids putting effort into something – even if they’re not getting an “A” right away – give them a pat on the back or a thumbs-up. This will help them see that effort is appreciated, which will build their confidence. If they keep putting in effort, they’ll get there and be happy with the progress they’ve made and more confident.

Don’t Compare Your Kids to Others

Comparing your kids to others – especially other kids – is a surefire way to drive them away from you. It’s one thing to tell your kids how good they are, it’s another to put them in competition with others. This can instantly make your kids like they don’t measure up, which will destroy their confidence. They don’t need to be better than anyone else, they just need to be themselves.

Be Consistent With Your Rules and Expectations

Kids are very sensitive to inconsistency – and that can be a huge confidence killer. If you’re inconsistent with rules and expectations, it can feel like you don’t have a clear idea of what you want or how you want things done. Therefore, it’s important that you stay consistent. Kids need to know that there are rules for their own good. This will help them build confidence in their abilities and themselves.


Some kids are naturally reserved and self-conscious. It’s why they struggle to find confidence – because they don’t know what it is yet. But you can help them by showing them how to be confident and building up their confidence when they’re young. You can teach them how to accept who they are and with that, show them how to build confidence.

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