How To Grow and Excel as A Young Church Leader

The primary purpose of all believers is to bring more people into the fold. God is not concerned with perfect beings, and He will use the most flawed disciple to bring glory to his name. However, God’s never-ending grace is no excuse to not grow in your ministry and strengthen your faith. As a young church leader, your peers look to you for guidance and expect you to show them the way so they can follow. Keep reading this article to learn a thing or two about how you can grow and excel as a budding church leader. 

Show love to other people 

Since God is love and we are all created in His likeness, He would also expect that you show other people love. It doesn’t matter whether the people in question refuse to share your faith. To grow and excel as a young church leader, you ought to show love to everyone you come across. 

Don’t do the bare minimum 

The ministry requires people who are diligent and disciplined. The Bible instructs all believers to go the extra mile when asked to do anything for someone else. Sure, you should create time for your family and personal affairs. However, you should be ready to work when called upon and resist the temptation to cut corners. 

Show grace 

Without God’s grace, you wouldn’t be in a position to serve in ministry. Since God has given you sufficient grace, extending that grace to everyone you meet would only be fair. It might be challenging to show grace to people who don’t like you or shun the message you share. However, remember that God’s grace will suffice in every situation. 

Enroll in a discipleship training program 

Following the teachings of Jesus Christ diligently can be easier said than done. It would help if you joined a discipleship training program to help strengthen your faith. In these types of programs, you learn from other pastors and church leaders who have an in-depth understanding of the Word. You could also tag other committed members of your church and you to the training program to feel less alone. 

Study the Word of God 

The Bible has everything you need to navigate the trials and temptations of this world. Standing up to preach without comprehensive knowledge of the Word is like pouring from an empty cup. If you don’t internalize the scriptures in the Bible, you won’t be in a position to respond to non-believers when they try to test your faith. 

Maintain a positive attitude 

According to scripture, God’s disciples should do His work without complaining and grumbling so that they can shine like a bright light in the dark. There are bound to be times when the going gets tough. However, you should keep your chin up and maintain a positive outlook. 

Be cautious at all times 

As a young leader, you might get tempted by upcoming trends and things that are not of God. There are also plenty of distractions that will keep you away from ministering to the Word of God. However, it would be best to carefully evaluate every passing trend and only pursue directions that offer stability and innovation. 

Wrapping up 

Discipleship is progressive, and you should strive to be better than you were before. As a church leader, you should also consider others who look up to you and take care not to mislead them. 

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