How To Boost Both Your Home’s Value And Curb Appeal


When it is time to get your home ready to sell, there are a few things that you should consider doing to help boost its value and curb appeal. There is no use or value in being lazy and putting your home on the market if it is in poor condition. This will deter interest and also hinder its price. 


Should you want to be smart, organized, and happy with more money in your pocket, here is how to boost your home’s value and curb appeal coincidingly.

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Refresh and repair the external features

Although the main priority for buyers is what’s on the inside of the home, refreshing your home’s exterior will instantly boost its value and curb appeal. A grubby-looking front door and a damaged roof are not going to attract anyone. Therefore, performing simple tasks such as repainting the front door, clearing the weeds, and freshening up the lawn will make all of the difference to the appeal of the home. 

To boost its value (as well as its curb appeal), you might want to consider checking and repairing (if necessary) other external features. For instance, the condition of your roof is important to check and repair before selling your home. 

If you find that your roof is damaged and unfixable, then you might want to consider a roof replacement before putting your home up for sale. No new homeowner will want to purchase a property with a damaged roof. It is unsafe and also expensive to repair/replace. Hence, taking it on yourself and ensuring it is in great condition before you put it on the market will elevate the value and the interest. 


Upgrade the security

A safe and secure home is one that is bound to appeal to new homeowners. Feeling safe in a home is essential. If your home lacks security features, then it might be time to install some. 

Upgrading your fence to a higher one enhances privacy and security. Furthermore, adding CCTV cameras and a double-locking front door (and windows) will show the new homeowner that they can feel safe from the moment they purchase the home. 

Additional security features will help to boost to home’s value as it means less work for the buyers. 


Lay a path

Should your garden lack a clear pathway, you will want to think about adding one. Laying a path is an affordable and simple task. You can either create a stone pathway yourself through your grass. Or, ask a professional to lay a patio pathway. Either way, it will make your home appear more appealing and presentable. 

Pathways make the home easier to access, especially during wet weather and dark evenings. Adding lights around the perimeter of the pathway and the home will enhance the convenience of the pathway and also make your home become more appealing during the evenings. 

Some buyers might come to look at the home in the evening and making it well-lit will help to show off the home’s exterior no matter what time of day it is.

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