How to Add Summer to Your Home All Year Around

Is there really anything better for sprucing up the house? Being able to bring something beautiful to your space makes it much more fun to live in it, which is exactly what you want when it comes to upgrading the way it all looks. Your home deserves to feel like sunshine and that means adding summer to the space – no matter the time of year. You want to make your home feel instantly fresher, and that means reinventing your space!

We might be coming to the end of the summer, but you can still hang onto it! With the help of Spanish tiles and the right colors, you can ensure that you have the colors and textures that remind you of long summer evenings and warmth. You can make your home feel like summer in any season, and here’s how to do it:

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  1. Put the heavy blankets away. Sofa throws, bed throws, blankets and duvets all need to be packed away if you want to make the space feel summery. Lighter blankets and sheets in lighter colors will instantly freshen the space no matter the room. Swapping out for muslin cloths and linens will change the way you feel and it’ll look so much nicer, too!
  2. Add some colour. Speaking of sunshine colors, adding flowers and greenery to your home will make it look bright and sunshine-y in a moment. You can add greenery to high traffic areas in the home to truly appreciate it! The kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas of the house so adding florals and vases of greenery here will be a good way to add a sense of earthiness and colour.
  3. Lean into textures. Playing around with good textures will help with your home feeling more like sunshine. Pinstripes, jute, tweed and florals give the house that coastal flair you’ve been looking to achieve, and wintry details can be swapped out pretty quickly for lighter colors. When the winter comes in, your house will feel nothing short of bright. You can make it breezier and better in the house even during the winter months, and you’ll feel how light it is!
  4. Lift the heavy rugs. Plush and heavy rugs are amazing in the winter but in the summer, they warm up that cool environment you’re striving for. Putting heavy rugs in storage is smart, and you can switch these out for lighter rug options, too. Flat weave rugs that are cotton or jute based are smarter to use!
  5. Add the right scents. Candles are great here, but if you want to add scent without heating the space, you should think about large florals and air fresheners of a citrus base. These are going to help with summer memories from childhood, and they will make your whole house feel prettier and brighter and that’s the real goal, here. 


Your home can be summery all year around with the tips above – try them and find out for yourself.

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