Help Your Kids Fight The Winter Blues With Great Games From Culinary Schools

Every year when we seem to spend more time inside because of the weather, without fail both my kids seem to get the winter blues. When they are on break from school, and mom still has work to accomplish they seem to be really down. Over the years I have done many different things to help with them combating these feelings. But of course, they want to be like their mom, and “work” on their computers. Finding age appropriate games can be so hard.

They both love being in the kitchen, and cooking with me. So, I found Culinary Schools and their great list of kids games. I was shocked to see that there was over a hundred great games for my kids to choose from. To my surprise, there wasn’t just the basic kitchen games that I was used to playing growing up. I found so many games that were with my kids favorite characters from their favorite shows. Though, I tried to play them, and I failed miserably. My kids however, thrived while playing the different SpongeBob games. I however, seemed to like to pound the krabby patty meat a bit to much for the games liking.

A game that I love for my kids to play is, “twin the bin.” In this game, you need to catch the appropriate items to go in the recycling bin. This is a great game to help kids learn what they should toss where. And gets them excited for recycling. It is also super fun, and easy to play. Something I can actually beat my kids at when we take turns.

My favorite game I found so far while playing around on Culinary Schools site, is Pizza Party. You can make pizzas, but be careful as you have a limited amount of time to make each pizza. While I was trying to take a screenshot of the game, I made my customer angry.

The best part about Culinary Schools kids games, you don’t need to download anything. You don’t need to pay for anything. You are able to set your child up to play whether you are at home, or on the go. And it can provide hours of fun. This helps with winter blues, or even if you are in for a long doctors appointment. I think what I love the most, is that I don’t have to worry about any advertising, or games that are not kid appropriate. Which can be so hard to find now a days.

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