Harmon Kardon Allure Keeps Your Family Connected

My family and I love listening to music. I typically have a blue tooth speaker in each room to be able to start music from our phones at anytime. I had been looking for a new speaker to have out in our kitchen. I came across the Harman Kardon Allure, and after reading and doing research my husband and I agreed that maybe we needed this in our lives.


My kids were so excited because not only is the Allure a bluetooth speaker, but also comes with Alexa. So as my oldest has been counting down the days to his birthday, he has been able to ask Alexa to help him keep track. With this being our first time having Alexa in our home, we have all been realizing how great Alexa can be around the house.


With the Allure having Alexa built right in, it makes it so much easier to be able to have your music turned up. Or even for stories for the kids. With what we have going on across our country right now, and even throughout the world Alexa has been super helpful in our family to be able to keep spirits up, and even helps keeping the kids entertained.

This speaker has great sound, and when you have at max volume, sounds as great as a lower volume. There is no crackling noises or anything. The only downfall I have honestly found is when you have it on maximum volume, you can not ask Alexa to turn down the volume. This sits nice any pretty in the corner of one of my kitchen counters.


Overall, my family and I absolutely love this speaker. Even my husband, who wasn’t super stoked about having Alexa in our home has been using her services everyday for different things. This is definitely perfect for any room in the house, to help keep you and your family connected. As well as having the perfect dance parties through out your house, and keeping your family active. You can find this speaker on Amazon, or check out the Harman Kardon website for this and other great products.

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