Hacks For Small Business Owners

If you are new to small business, or any business at all, it may seem almost impossible to improve and grow your business if it has become stagnant. If you are just opening up your business, it may be hard to figure out how to open it up and set yourself up for success with all of the failing businesses surrounding you. But, it is possible. If you put in a lot of hard work and you make sure that you are catering to your ideal customer, you can set yourself up for success, no matter what! You just need a few tricks and tips to get started, which is why I’m bringing you hacks for small business owners today! Keep reading below, if you are interested in taking your business to the next level with just a few simple (and easy) hacks that will also make your life easier!

First, let’s talk about what it takes to be a small business owner and trust me, it is not for the faint of heart. Forbes says, “The freedom to chase your entrepreneurial dream is one of the great foundations of America. Owning a business is a freedom the U.S. Census Bureau of Labor Statistics records 29.6 million Americans pursue today, supporting local communities with products and services while contributing millions of dollars and jobs to the American economy.

It also takes a tremendous amount of hustle, sacrifice and dedication. But what does that really look like across America?

Working with leading small business research agency Bredin, Kabbage surveyed 400 small business owners to understand the common professional and personal challenges of small business owners and how they balance their work- and home-life to pursue their passions.

The findings? All small business owners across industries – including retail, construction, home services, education, manufacturing, food and beverage, medical and automotive – have one undeniable trait: they’re highly motivated to succeed, and they make countless personal and financial sacrifices to build their businesses.”


It takes hard work, sacrifices, and perseverance. My hope is that with these hacks below, you will be able to work a little less and have fun a little more. Of course, no matter what, when you own a business, you have to work hard, but there is definitely a way lessen the blow and enjoy life more! Let’s now jump into these hacks:


Set yourself up for success online

As a business owner, the internet is your best friend. In this day and time, you cannot succeed without a social media presence and website. I would also consider other marketing tactics such as influencer marketing, as well, which will increase your web presence significantly and create a layer of ‘trust’ with your clients that you cannot form on your own. Why? Look at these facts and statistics: 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising; just 10% trust brands today. (Lithium, 2014), 50% of purchase decisions are influenced by online word-of-mouth. (Lithium, 2014), and 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post. (eMarketer, 2014). This is all thanks to the handy dandy web. If you have a business, make sure you set yourself up for success on the internet, or you are almost sure to fail.


Think about expansion with employees

Lessen the blow and work (a bit) less by hiring employees that will help you out. Entrepreneur says, “As a business owner, one of your most important tasks is workforce management. It’s your job to make sure you have the right people–and the right number of people–to keep your company running smoothly. When it comes to actually choosing the best candidate for the job, the best advice I can give you is this: Hiring someone simply because you need an “extra body” is foolish and inevitably results in poor performance, decreased productivity and decreased morale. So be sure to hire only someone who actually fits the job description you’ve created. In fact, shooting for the stars by knowingly increasing your standards to hire the best possible candidate–even it takes some time to find the right person–is well worth it.” This person, or people should help you out so that you do not have to do all the work yourself. Focus on what you are great at and hire other people. This will not only ‘lessen the blow’ of work for you, but it should also improve the business if you are hiring the correct people.


Work on productivity

We’ve all heard the saying work smarter, less harder and it is so true! The more productive you are, the less you will have to work and the more time you will save. It will also limit frustration, as well, which can and will lower your stress. You can be more effective and productive at work by keeping a calendar, a to do list, having a positive attitude, and by working on communication (so that things get done the first time).


Partner with companies that will help you

Partner with companies that can help your business. Depending on your business specifically, this can be anything from delivery services to supply your business with refreshments and water for your employees and customers, or it can be people to help with efficiencies, or protection. For example, Criterion Technology, Inc. is the leading manufacturer in the plastics industry. Criterion offers best in class windows, lenses and enclosures. They are experts and the best in their business. Specializing in optical injection molding lenses and enclosures, Criterion displays supreme material expertise, vast technical knowledge, a robust commitment to R&D, and optimum onsite testing. The Criterion team is a group of experienced and resourceful individuals who work together to create a welcoming environment where innovation flourishes. Criterion backs their products with 100% paid tooling maintenance. A North American partner, Criterion fortifies partnerships with design and development aptitudes, prototyping, low and high volume production, and turn-key assembly. 

They say, “Criterion is consistently recognized for excellent customer service, process flexibility, on-time delivery, and product precision.  Criterion recognizes the importance of utilizing technology and automation to improve product quality. Criterion’s goal is to provide customers with continuous improvements in optical performance and manufacturing processes. The best camera or optical sensor is only as good as the dome that covers it.” 

If you need to partner with a company, you want to choose a company like Criterion: the ones who go above and beyond for their clients, making sure that they get a quality product and have a great experience.

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