Gramma In A Box Keeps You Entertained On Snow Days

I love doing crafty things with my boys. My boys love it the most when anything we do crafty ends up with them having a fun treat at the end. My main problem personally is, even though I love to make these types of things I am not personally great at it. Growing up, I remember doing fun activities with my own Grandma. They are actually some of my favorite memories. Especially since all of these fun activities with my Grandma came well before the pinterest time.

Gramma in a Box comes with everything you need to make three fun and delicious projects. Gramma Terry originally started boxing up different cookies and treats she could make with her grandchildren over skype after they moved away from her. It was her way of still being able to do the fun and memorable “Gramma activities” even though they were so far away.

The best part of Gramma in a box. I am not pysching my boys up to do a fun project like decorating cookies to have the cookies not turn out. Everything you need is right there and ready. The most you will need from home is silverware or things you will have in your home to decorate or work on the projects. I received this box on a Thursday, so I told my kids we would work on the projects over the weekend. They were so excited. I loved that everything is written down, and nothing is overly complicated. So doing this box with my five and three year old was so easy. 

Everything was packaged up to the perfect sizes for you. So you don’t have to worry about buying sprinkles that you just are going to use once a year. My boys had such a fun time doing this box with me, and helping build memories. I love the durable cards with the projects on them. You are able to not only use them when you work on the box, but you can also save them for a different time to recreate the projects your kids love the most. 

These boxes are great for anyone. You can send them to your kids or grandchildren that live far away. These are also great if you are missing your Gramma after her passing. Or if you love to make sweet treats, but like me are not the greatest crafter. If you are a Gramma wanting to work on a fun project with your kids, but don’t know the first thing about baking, this is the box for you. Each box holds fifteen to twenty sweet treats. 

Check out Gramma in a box by clicking here.

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