Getting Your House In Order This Spring

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Being a mom of boys, it seems like I spend a lot of my time cleaning up boy messes. Even when they do their chores, or help me with a task I find myself going behind them and redoing the cleaning. Because I live in a house full of men, I like to find cleaners that not only work great, but also smell fantastic. Coming across Pinalen, has been the best thing for my family. One of my favorite cleaners from Pinalen is the Max Aromas Floral Delight. This cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner. I love to mix it into a spray bottle and use it to wash my walls throughout my house. Not only does it easily get the grim off my walls, it is great for on countertops, and especially in bathrooms. No more toilet stinks from having boys when you use this. And the smell from the cleaner will last for three to five days. It makes me feel so much better walking into the bathroom and not smelling the scent of whatever my boys have left, but instead a fantastic floral smell.

I also really love the the Max Power To Go Packs. These are great to leave in your purse, diaper bag, vehicle, or campers to help keep things clean on the go. These are also perfect when you are in a rush, and want to do a quick wipe down. In fact, I just used them on the end tables in my living room this morning while trying to clean up the house before the kids started school. They also leave a nice scent.

Now, I knew that Pinalen had multipurpose cleaners, what I didn’t know is that they also have fabulous scented dishwashing liquid. I received Cucumber Crush, and I absolutely love it. It isn’t just your average smelling dishwashing liquid. So while I am washing dishes, I am able to not just smell the run of the mill dish soap smell. It also works so well!

For my floors, I like to make sure they stay nice and clean, and smell nice. With not only having two boys, and a husband, but now three dogs that come running through, it can be a lot of work to keep these floors clean throughout my house. With Pinalen Original Multipurpose Cleaner, it is so much easier. Not only are these cleaners well within anyone’s price range, but they are so powerful. No streaks on your floors, or even your walls as this is also a great multipurpose cleaner. My husband loves using this in his man cave as well when he mops the floors. So it doesn’t smell “like a lady.”

For years, I have gone over to my parents house once a month and clean their house for them. They both put in a lot of hours, and I love being able to help out. When doing so, I have always had such a hard time getting their shower clean. They live in the country, and with two dogs, and their shower can get so bad in one month of use just with the hard water alone. For a great deep clean, I absolutely love using Cloralen Cleaners with Bleach. These cleaners are not overpowering with the bleach scent like a lot of brands I have used in the past. They work so well to get things clean!

For tough laundry stains, the Cloralen bleach is fabulous. I have been adding this to my laundry to make sure to disinfect things like towels as I wash them. It works so well, and is so well priced. It doesn’t take much to work. It is definitely a new must have for in my laundry room.

If you have some tougher duties, Cloralen also has a hard working multipurpose cleaner with bleach. This is perfect for those tough jobs around your house. Which I know a lot of parents can understand how tough it can be to get those pesky stains out. Can we say, Koolaid? You are also left with a great fresh scent, rather then the smell of strong bleach.

Another great item to add to your purse, diaper bag, or even your vehicle are these great Antibacterial Wipes. After everything that has happened in the last year, these are handy for anytime you are going to the store, or anywhere really. You can use them to sanitize a cart handle or even seat quickly. These are perfect for your hands, and even your kiddos hands. Where it won’t make a mess like traditional sanitizer.

If you are more into the natural cleaners, Art of Green is perfect. The multipurpose spray is perfect if your little ones are helping you clean. These are safe to use around kids and pets. I gave one of my kids the bottle of spray and a rag, and he was so happy to help with cleaning because it smells so great. My youngest loves using the wipes, because they are so easy to use for him. I love that I know that they are safe to be around my kids.


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