FRONEN Gives You All The Flavor Without All The Lactose



I have so many friends and family with different allergies and intolerance. Watching them have to struggle to find safe foods can be so hard.  I know for the younger kids especially the want for a nice cold treat can be hard with how much lactose is in most everything. Fronen has you covered. Now, my family is not dairy free, but I will tell you Fronen came at the perfect time. The flu has hit our house hard this year. My husband and both my kids have it. All three of them have had serious sore throats. They wanted ice cream, but didn’t want to deal with what ice cream can do in the aftermath to them with their coughing. Fronen being dairy free still can coat their throats and calm down the inflammation going on.  


I didn’t even tell my kids until after they had said it was delicious that it was made from bananas. They were both shocked, but as they ate Banana Coconut and Cinnamon they were both loving it. I also love that there are only four to five ingredients per flavor. Rather than having added sugars, Fronen is sweetened with honey, or maple syrup for the cinnamon flavor. To make the ice cream creamy, they use coconut cream. Which is not only better for your but so delicious. I also love that there are only 80-90 calories per serving. Though, it is hard to put these pints down once you start. So if you are calorie counting, do not just take a spoon to the pint. 


I personally tried, and finished the strawberry. It is so good. I made the mistake of bringing this pint out with just a spoon and it was gone rather quickly. I felt better knowing I didn’t finish a whole pint of ice cream from the store, and at least it was something that is healthier. 


My husband had the chocolate flavor. Out of the entire family he was the most skeptical. He didn’t even want to try it until I told him that it would help his throat and he needed to just try it. He was amazed at how delicious it is. He and I both agreed that chocolate tasted like a banana split. There isn’t much banana that you can taste. After it melted down a little bit, he changed his mind that it tasted like those delicious chocolate malt cups that we had as kids. He even said he wished he had a wooden spoon to use. I only had one little taste before he finished off the rest. 


Vanilla is perfect for those that love the classic vanilla flavor. My youngest loves vanilla ice cream and has gone crazy for this. 

Fronen is free from: 

  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Sugar Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • GMO’s
  • Gums
  • Refined Sugar

If you would like to learn more about Fronen, please check out their website

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