For Him Gift Guide 2020

Kronis Trunks

KRONIS had been around since 2014.
We know that comfort is the most important element that men look for, but I still gotta say, I love the square cut sexier look too.

If you are looking for underwear that doesn’t ride up, and is still stylish and comfortable, check out Kronis. 

Mugadoo Mugs

Looking for the perfect gift for your significant other can be so hard. Mugadoo has a huge selection of mugs to choose from so you can find the perfect mug for your man. 

If you want to be silly, or even loving they will have your needs met. 



Gerrard’s Coffee Shop Candles

The coffee mug candles feature an all-natural, eco-friendly wooden wick that’s smokeless, low maintenance, and makes a crackling noise that resembles a cozy fire. The aroma of a coffee shop will waft throughout multiple rooms in your home — even if you have high ceilings. Enjoy the slow-burning candle for 60-80 hours with your pets and trim the wick after each use.

Moonster Toiletry Bag

Wanting my husband to be able to have something nicer then the average toiletry bag for all his travels, I came across Moonster and absolutely love it. Some great facts about Moonster: 

  • Made from 100% distressed Buffalo Leather
  • Overall size measures 9.5 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches
  • Spacious compartment with water resistant lining holds everything you need.

Chassis For Men

Chaffing is such a serious problem, especially in the summer for my husband. Chassis makes sure to help you get through the day with ease, rather than red down to your knees. With primer to start, powders and even a restoration cream, Chassis is there to make sure you are still walking fine at the end of the day. 

Alister for Men

If you’re looking for a good body care line for your man or yourself, look no further. Alister for Men smells amazing and really helps moisturize you without leaving you greasy. The scent is subtle yet sticks with you.


Scent safe is literally a life saver. If you or a loved one enjoys going backpacking hiking, anything involving the outdoors, you need this. If you or your loved ones goes missing, you give the scent pad to the police which they give to scent dogs to sniff out where you are. 

Beard Head

How funny are these bearded hats? My husband already as a beard which makes this even funnier to me. Beard Head sent me over 2 of their hats and I am obsessed! I have no shame and will definitely wear this next winter to help keep my face warm. They do run a bit small, just to give you a heads up. 

Shashi Socks For Men

CLASSIC Mesh socks for men provide performance and comfort from the golf course to the yoga studio and everything inbetween. The original patented mesh upper panel delivers sleek lines and a barely there feeling, while COOLMAX® performance fabrics keep your feet cool, fresh and clean, even during the most grueling moments. Full coverage grips add stability and a smooth bottom surface, while right and left specific feet provide a comfortable and secure fit to complete the picture.

Happy Nuts

Our formula dries as a silky powder to absorb your sweat and create an anti-friction layer. No one likes moisture or chafing down there!
Our odor neutralizing formula keeps you always smelling like you just got out of the shower, even if you didn’t.
Nobody enjoys when their nuts stick to their thigh. With Happy Nuts there will be no need to awkwardly re-adjust in public.
Made in the USA. Natural. Safe. Effective. Formulated with natural ingredients including Coconut and Aloe Vera. Aloe is our main ingredient which provides over 75 different nutrient rich minerals for good health. Happy Nuts contains NO talc, aluminum, parabens, silicone, sulfates, alcohol, or gluten.

Gringo Bandito 

Gringo Bandito was started over ten years ago by Dexter Holland, singer for the multi-platinum punk rock band The Offspring, more as a hobby than a business.

Sales were modest at first, and the hot sauce was distributed only in Holland’s native Southern California. “It has always been a DIY operation for sure,” Holland says. “It started small but it has just kept on growing.”


After several years and almost a million bottles later, Gringo Bandito hot sauce has garnered a worldwide audience and a loyal following. “We’re not the most well-known hot sauce out there,” says Holland, “but once people try it, they’re hooked.”

Scruffy Jack’s

This balm’s invigorating citrus aroma is the perfect scent to kick off your day without being too strong or oppressive. The scent can be described as crisp, clean and elegant. Perfect for daytime or evening use.

Scruffy Jack’s has used the selection of finest organic skin and hair conditioning oils, mango butter, and natural beeswax as a base to formulate this brilliant beard balm/wax. It is a perfect product for those who have rough flyaway beard hair. It gives a light hold while naturally moisturizing without grease build-up.

1UP Card

There’s nothing like classic gaming on original equipment.

Save your breath; blowing into game cartridges was fine when we were eight, but now there’s a better way: the 1UPcard N64 Reviver Bundle.

This newly manufactured kit contains the N64 Console Cleaner, three 1UPcards, and cleaning fluid to quickly bring your game cartridges back to life.  (And the cleaning cards are compatible with many other consoles’ games too.)

Don’t let 30 years of grime, spit and dirt stand between you and your N64. Game on with the N64Reviver Bundle.


  • Made from 100% distressed Buffalo Leather

  • Overall size measures 9.5 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches

  • Spacious compartment with water resistant lining holds everything you need.

  • Two zipper pockets store smaller items to keep your products organised.

  • Dual zippers make opening and closing a breeze and give easy and quick access.

  • Up to 50% thicker leather than other similar toiletry kits for a distinct, quality feel.

  • Metal YKK zippers that will stand up to the test of time.

  • Classic leather handle so you can Grab it and Go!

  • Comes in a cotton Moonster presentation bag

Groovy Groomsman

With a set of barbecue tongs, a grilling fork, and a spatula with a built-in bottle opener, you get the three essential, long-handled BBQ tools every man needs to reach Grill Master status together in one awesome carrying case. This is the inexpensive BBQ kit the men in your life need to become the next King of the Grill. The compact, folding silver case provides convenient storage for the stainless steel utensils and makes the set super portable.

Sage Owl Grill Scraper

Rusty, filthy grill grates can lead to foul-tasting and potentially contaminated food. But WIRE BRUSHES OFTEN SHED THEIR BRISTLES, which can then wind up in your meat. So what’s the solution? It’s the 5 in 1 Grate Grill Scraper in Stainless Steel by The Sage Owl.

This 5 in 1 BBQ grill tool WORKS WITH MOST ANY DESIGN, BRAND, AND STYLE OF GRILL, featuring 6 notches for round grates, 5 notches for V-shaped grates, and 3 notches for park and campground grates (fits BBQ grills in most state and national parks and campgrounds).

Healthy Key

  • STAY GERM-FREE with THE HEALTHY KEY – Avoid touching dirty surfaces – Doors (Push, Pull, Sliding, Cooler), Buttons (ATM, Elevator, Gas Pump, CC Reader), Shopping Carts, even certain Touchscreens!
  • TIRED OF CONSTANTLY CLEANING YOUR HANDS? – Now you don’t need to! Our brass door opener touches all of the germ-infested surfaces so your hands don’t need to. No need for constant hand cleaning!

The Beard Struggle

My husband’s biggest struggle while growing out his beard, was keeping it straight and nice. Beard Struggle has come to the rescue with a perfect solution that is even portable! 

  • Straightener & Volumizer: Gives you a lasting fresh finish
  • Cordless Technology: So you can travel while you tame
  • 2 in 1 Heated Pick & Brush: Improves volume & texture
  • 3 Heat Settings: Made for all hair & beard types
  • 12 month Warranty: So you can brush away, worry free

Groovy Groomsmen

Here is the duffle bag equivalent of that guy – strong, tough, versatile, ready for all occasions. The Muscle Duffle works for anything, whether for overnight, travel, gym, work, or sports. This tough groomsmen dufflle bag features one large exterior pocket with a flap and 2 zipped side pockets.  It has leather accents brass closures. 


00% organic
Handmade in Denmark
Shampoo and conditioner set
Carshalton lavender scent
My husband is a huge fan of this beard shampoo and conditioner. I am a huge fan of the ingredients and the smell!
Trendhim has an abundance of items for the man in your life!

Jackson DeZines

Four Score… and (really only) Six years ago, I was looking to buy my groomsmen a gift on a budget. At the time I was struggling to find a unique gift for my groomsmen and went for the old cliche of a cigar and flask. The flask wasn’t even personalized. I regretted the decision as I knew it would be a gift soon forgotten. Two years later my sister was getting married and had asked me to paint a portrait of her groomsmen on a beer glass for them. It was at this moment I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to make personalized affordable gifts for people who were/are in the same situation as I was. This began the start of Jackson DeZines. Now, not only do I paint portraits/caricatures on beer mugs, but have started to hand etch the glass with the portraits.

Groovy Groomsmen

Some may see it as a trinket of sorts, but all we see is an item that gets the job done. Included in this ornamental wonder gizmo are just about all the necessary tools to ensure one is equipped for the basics to being their own amazing mixologist. Set it atop a bar as a foundation piece to begin building the arsenal that will make anyone the next Tom Cruise from Cocktail. It’s an amazingly cool groomsmen gift that stands out.  

Crafted in the shape of a barrel, the wine barrel accessory kit holds a pour spout, foil cutter, stopper, and corkscrew. Each of the tools are made of stainless steel, and the actual barrel is made from medium-density fiberboard. 


BluMaan Fifth Sample

BluMaan’s Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade (Low Shine Edition) has been reformulated to maintain the core features of its original edition with some attractive upgrades. This product took over 3 years to develop together with a team of pomade experts.

Fifth Sample features a long-lasting hold, incredible washability and a re-defined formula that is easy to break down. We also increased the concentration of nutrients to keep your hair healthier after every wash!

WAMA Boxer Briefs 

These breathable boxer briefs are soft yet strong with a universal design that forms to any figure which means no bunching, no wedgies and no constant shifting. You will feel confident to take on any activity of the day in these WAMA boxer briefs – not to mention they are naturally anti-bacterial which is the best for your privates!

BeaverCraft Carving Kit

  • ❇️ HANDCRAFTED FEELINGS ❇️ Make a spoon with Celtic knots handle to give voice to your feelings. Wood carving kit from BeaverCraft would be a great help in your journey.
  • ❇️ COMPLETED WOOD CARVING STARTER KIT ❇️You get Everything you need to carve a Celtic knots spoon: wood carving knife + hook knife, stropping leather + polishing compound, safety tape, pattern, booklet + step-by-step guide, basswood spoon blank, sandpapers.

hims Men’s Cologne 

This is how Hims does cologne. Inspired by the scents and sights of road trips in Coastal California, our limited edition men’s fragrance is a breath of adventure that you and your partner will love.

This scent is perfect for the man in your life. Not overpowering at all, and can be worn day or night. This is sure to please your man, and yourself. 

Toilet Paper Crisis

Tired of anxiety from the news?

Take a break from the fear mongering to enjoy this mini-read and a new humorous way to look at ourselves from the bottom up.

Laughter is not on lockdown!

Paper Maps, No Apps

What if you were told that you could not use your smartphone for two weeks?

Would it be a disaster or a life-changing experience?

A young couple decides to take on that challenge during a 16-day vacation.

What happened next was shocking…


  • Hand-lathed from western Pennsylvania oak

  • Solid handle

  • Includes 25 yards 6-lb monofilament line and a complete lead-free tackle kit, including hooks, sinkers, and swivels, plus a jig head, set of rubber grubs, and a float from Trout Magnet

  • Ready to fly: meets TSA requirements for inclusion in carry-on bags.

  • Lifetime guarantee – if it breaks, we’ll fix it or replace it

  • 5% of profits are dedicated to ecological restoration projects


The Apollo Series Thermal Capsules are ultralight and slim to easily slide in your jacket or pants pocket or backpack. The patented Chromium Thermal Barrier™ is adapted from NASA technology used in space suits to protect astronauts in the extreme conditions in outer space to extend the period of time your phone will maintain its safe operating temperature.  The Impactor Core and SoftTouch Protective Liner encapsulate your device to protect against everything.

Gadget Guard

This unbreakable screen protector has five integrated layers of protection to provide superior impact resistance. While being shatter and chip-proof, this protector is also scratch and smudge resistant, which means you won’t need to deal with irritating marks on your device. The protector is also fully adhesive and will be compatible with fingerprint sensors.

The Outdoor Tribe

The Tikkina headlamp offers 250-lumen brightness and a flood beam for proximity lighting. Simple and compact, it is useful for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or when traveling. Tikkina comes with 3 standard batteries and is also compatible with the Core rechargeable battery, thanks to the Hybrid Concept design. Mounting accessories allow the lamp to be attached to any kind of helmet, or to a bicycle.

Kuru Footwear

Finding a pair of shoes that last more then two weeks for my husband can be so hard. Kuru has been a total game changer for him. Not only does he get to walk around all day in comfort. But these shoes are built to last. Not like the shoes we can buy in retail stores so easily. Perfect for the men in your life that have a lot of foot traveling to do. 

Eeku Eeku

Eeku Eeku natural bar soap is made with 100% plant-based oils. The main two ingredients are always Olive oil and Coconut Oil. These form the base for the skin conditioning and cleansing portion of the soap. Next, Castor oil and Glycerin work together to help make big, stable bubbles in the soap lather. Then, with some art and science what you experience is a soap that NATURALLY makes a BETTER lather than your shower gel! It also moisturizes your skin with one of the best natural moisturizers on the planet-Glycerin! Glycerin is a natural product of the soap making reaction. It conditions your skin AND makes beautiful bubbles!


  • The Ultimate Gift Set: This trio of Chassis Restoration Cream, Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer, and best-selling Chassis Premium Powder is the perfect bundle for the man in your life. Comes ready to give (or keep)!
  • Great Value: Get the three most popular Chassis products at the best value anywhere. A deal on the best men’s gift set out there? Wish granted.
  • Free Toiletry Bag: This premium Chassis Gift Set arrives in a sturdy toiletry bag that’s great for travel. A retail value of $20, the bag is yours free with purchase of the Chassis Gift Set.

Off The Wagon

Looking for a fun game to play with your significant other on your time off together? Try playing Totally 90’s. Found at the Off The Wagon Shop. This great game will have you and your man laughing and remembering all sorts of great childhood memories. This game is priced so well, as well as all the other gifts at Off The Wagon. 

Good People Cool Things

Sometimes queso is so good you just want to cannonball into it. Here’s a less messy way to show your affection.

You’ve now found the staple t-shirt of your wardrobe. It’s made of a thicker, heavier cotton, but it’s still soft and comfy. And the double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability to what is sure to be a favorite!

• 100% ring-spun cotton
• Sport Grey is 90% ring-spun cotton, 10% polyester
• Dark Heather is 65% polyester, 35% cotton
• 4.5 oz/y² (153 g/m²)
• Pre-shrunk
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Quarter-turned to avoid crease down the center

Off The Wagon

If you really want to bring the memories back for your dad, husband, brother. This is the perfect gift. Bring back the nostalgia by letting them play Pac-Man, just like we did as young kids at the skating rink or bowling alley. 

Or even give it to your significant other as the best Christmas present this year. Let him know he is going to get the best game in a lifetime. He will light up after opening this Christmas morning. 


My husband is constantly suffering from back pain, I have smaller hands. So, when I try to give him back massages, they don’t last long. They always end up hurting my hands. This Sonic Handheld Massage Gun is the perfect solution for both of us. He gets the great back massage he deserves and needs, while I get to keep my hands free from all the pain of trying to give a massage. I will say, since we have received this massage gun, we have been having to give each other nightly massages. It is fantastic! 

Fresh Pine Organic Soap

Discover the scent of our organic bar soaps and body wash made from the finest varieties of organic ingredients of pine, clove, & cedarwood. Fresh Pine is the soap formulated for men by men.   

Steak And Cake

Not only will you find some of the best recipes ever for steak—and steakhouse sides and sauces—and those all-butter-eggs-and-sugar cakes, but you will also pick up tips and tricks for choosing and cooking steaks and baking cakes. The result is an instant dinner party, the kind of universally loved meal that makes any and every occasion special.

Project Smoke

A complete, step-by-step guide to mastering the art and craft of smoking, plus 100 recipes—every one a game-changer –for smoked food that roars off your plate with flavor. Here’s how to choose the right smoker (or turn the grill you have into an effective smoking machine). Understand the different tools, fuels, and smoking woods. Master all the essential techniques: hot-smoking, cold-smoking, rotisserie-smoking, even smoking with tea and hay—try it with fresh mozzarella. USA Today says, “Where there’s smoke, there’s Steven Raichlen.” Steven Raichlen says, “Where there’s brisket, ribs, pork belly, salmon, turkey, even cocktails and dessert, there will be smoke.” And Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue says, “Nothin’ but great techniques and recipes. I am especially excited about the smoked cheesecake.” Time to go forth and smoke.


Vertiball is simply the best tool to release tension and to promote muscle recovery. Increase blood flow and reduce inflammation with just 5 minutes a day.

Mount Vertiball in just seconds at any height you require to help with issues from chronic back pain to plantar fasciitis.

HCS Vintage Box

If you are looking for the perfect subscription box for your favorite nerd this holiday season, HCS Vintage is the perfect spot to go. They have three tiers of boxes: 

The Hobbyist – We uniquely curate your experience with vintage collectibles from various categories & eras. For $59.95 plus S/H

The Collector – You have MORE selective control. Together, we narrow the unique possibilities within your box. $69.95 plus S/H

The Connoisseur – You have GREATER selective control. Your additional input tailors each box with precision. $89.95 plus S/H

20% off Promo code – LittleHelpers20 that is valid at checkout for a first time purchase at

Dorothy Lane

Start your grills! We have selected three signature Lillie’s Q sauces, Ivory, Smoky, and Carolina, and paired them with a top-rated basting brush and black leather grill gloves. The Ivory sauce is a tangy true Alabama white barbecue sauce with a pinch of cayenne. Chicken and fries are our favorite companions, but we dare you to try it in your next coleslaw, potato salad, or dip. The Smoky Sauce is a Memphis-style barbecue sauce that is sweet and mild with a dash of smoke. We love it on slow-cooked ribs and brisket or smoked chicken and turkey; but you really can’t go wrong. The Carolina Sauce is crafted to honor Western Carolina traditions, it’s tangy with hints of apple. We love it on pulled pork, brisket, and smoked chicken. The sauces are all-natural and gluten-free with no preservatives, artificial colors, or high fructose corn syrup. The Q-Rub is an all-purpose salt-based rub with a dash of black pepper and garlic. It is extremely versatile, just sprinkle it on your meats or veggies 15 minutes prior to cooking for best results.

CBD Store of Michigan

Sex Panther is a combination of wooded mountains and rainbows. For those times when you want to smell amazing, but also still need a touch of the mountain man. 60 percent of the time it works every time.

Give your beard what it needs to stand up big and strong. Our CBD beard oil can help with coarse hair, hair growth, dry or irritated skin, and many other conditions that your beard is suffering from. On top of all those benefits, it will also give your beard a better look overall and give you a more “kept” look of manliness. As an added bonus, the smell will attract all walks of life. You will thank us later!

Non-GMO. Made with Certified Organic Hemp. 3rd Party Tested.


Lights up when the grill lid is open,

turns off when the lid is closed

Puts more light on the grill

fully adjustable—aim the light where
you want it on the cooking surface

Rugged ABS mount

attaches to the handle of most grills

Weather and heat resistant

GRIP6 Belt

  1. 100% MADE IN THE USA- GRIP6 is a provider and supporter of good local jobs.
  2. UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY- The GRIP6 A3 Guaran-damn-tee protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear. Our high-quality products were designed to last a lifetime.
  3. INTERCHANGEABLE BUCKLES AND STRAPS- It takes 2-seconds to mix and match, and unlike leather belts, your buckle swap will not damage or dig holes into the belt.
  4. SIMPLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMFORTABLE BELTS- No moving parts on this belt delivers a minimalist look with extreme durability.
  5. LOW PROFILE BELT- This belt lies down flat and will not protrude out from the pants or dig into the skin.

The Grill Mat

  • GREAT INVESTMENT: Since the material is of such high quality these grill mats are super durable. You will never have to buy another set again. They area also dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean
  • GREAT FOR PERSONAL USE: Whether you are using on a home grill, rental property, community grill, or apartment complex these come in handy! Never worry about cleaning the grates before hand, or after your grilling session. These are extremely lightweight and portable. Pack them in any situation
  • GREAT GIFT: Makes for great gift for all occasions – mother’s day fathers day christmas cookouts stocking stuffer labor day housewarming parties and definitely office and white elephant gifts

Wildwood Grilling

This hamburger gift set includes: smoker box, burger press, grill scraper, seasonings, smoking chips, cedar burger boards, and delicious recipes. 

This is perfect for anyone who loves to grill out anytime of year. 

Hero Grill

The HERO™ Grill is designed to make charcoal grilling simple. Thoughtfully engineered, the grill incorporates a custom integrated thermometer and spatula. To make use and cleanup simple, the lightweight aluminum frame is coated with a non-stick, nano-ceramic coating.


The elegant vintage design of the PARTENZA is distinguished by sweeping lines, fine metal tones and a noble finish. It embodies the optimistic feeling of starting off and freedom – to have the road in front of you and the sky above. Each second opens up a relaxed perception of time: because the charm of traveling can first be experienced upon acceleration.

Koreselect Stamina

As Men Mature, they are looking for all-natural ways to boost healthy stamina levels. Koreselect Stamina has been formulated to support men’s health performance, circulation, and immune system with all plant-based ingredients and  Korean Ginseng that will help boost healthy performance without unwanted side effects from chemicals.

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