Food & Drink Gift Guide 2020

Brewer’s Crackers

Brewer’s Crackers is a “spent grain” cracker company driven to reducing food waste in the craft brewing industry. 

Spent grains are a valuable by-product from the beer making process. When making beer, brewers steep super high-quality grains, like barley, in water. They then strain this mixture, keeping the liquid to make beer and discard the “spent” grains.  Turns out, these grains are still incredibly flavorful and the steeping process actually unlocks valuable nutrients.

Eat To Life Kinwa Bars

  • Real ingredients you can see and taste
  • 150-160 calories
  • 10 g plant protein (Quinoa, sunflower & pea)
  •   8 g fibre (Chicory root, sunflower seeds, pumpkin kernels and chia)
  •   6 g sugar (Unsweetened real fruit & organic coconut sap syrup)
  • Source of magnesium, iron and vitamin E and 14 vitamins, minerals and antioxidant

Made Good

Finding snacks that are safe from allergens for my son to bring to school can be challenging. Made Good comes with: 

  • 6 hidden veggies in every snack
  • Free from the most common allergens
  • Certifed organic, vegan, gluten-free
  • Non-GMO Project Certified
  • Safe for schools and super delicious

Solely Fruit Jerky

When sending my son to school with fruit, he gets so upset because they end up getting bruised in his backpack. Solely Fruit Jerky has become our go to alternative. This fruit jerky is made with only one or two ingredients per flavor. They make sure to pick the fruit at the perfect ripeness. It is then sliced, chopped, and pressed into fruit jerky perfection. These are absolutely delicious for the entire family. 

Eat Your Coffee

Being a mom of two busy boys, I know how hard it is to actually have a cup of coffee while it is hot. I also know the need to have that caffeine everyday in order to be able to keep up with my boys. Eat Your Coffee has delicious breakfast bars, so you are able to eat your coffee on the go, rather then warming up your cup of coffee over and over again. Each coffee bar has enough caffeine to be equivalent to a cup of coffee. Each smaller bar has enough caffeine to be equivalent to a shot of espresso. 


Keto Farms

As someone who is constantly snacking and craving sweet and then salty, Keto Farms portion controlled snacks are perfect if you love both. These Keto friendly snacks are made with real food, and will help you kick your cravings for junk food. 


Each mouth-watering treat is made from only the very best simple, naturally gluten free and deliciously non-GMO ingredients for an instant sweet-tooth satisfying pick me up. It’s a flavor smash up. Perfect right out of the bag or in your favorite recipe. Discover more ways to enjoy.

Boon Supply

These stackable treats are an easy way to put a smile on someone’s face.

If you are anything like me, you love gummy candy. These are not your typical gummies. They are the perfect texture and have such a strong flavor! 

Panic Aide

When you are overwhelmed with anxiety, panic and stress and just need to catch your breathe, try Anxiety Aide. A 2oz quick drink with natural ingredients combined to help you get some much-needed peace of mind.

Valerian Root, Chamomile, Melatonin, and a host of other ingredients in our proprietary formula that work together to help you sleep and you will wake up without the groggy feeling in the morning.

Good To Go Snack Bar

 High in fiber with only 2g of sugar, these vegan, gluten free, grain free soft baked bars made with simple ingredients are the convenient, guilt free snack you’ve been searching for.

These have been my new go to snack since we’ve started Keto. You won’t regret these.

Celsius Live Fit

If you are looking for a natural healthier energy drink, look no further. These taste amazing and help me with an energy boost before a workout. I also love the addition to helping burn body fat and accelerates metabolism. 


Going completely Keto can be so hard. For me, I find missing out on delicious sweets and snacks to be the hardest part. Ketonia has made it so that I to can have delicious snacks, without having to worry about my carb count. With delicious treats like, macaroons and chocolate chip cookies, it is the perfect pick me up. 

The Habit

Meet your new best friend – the turmeric digest + build latte.

A perfect warming spiced latte for any time of day, but particularly wonderful post supper-time. With just the right flavors to kick snacky cravings to the curb, your digestion will be thanking you.

Makes 24 cups of deliciousness.

This has been my new go to morning drink. I can’t get enough. I sweeten it with a little bit of monk fruit and it tastes amazing!

Boon Supply

How cute is this watermelon cutter? I am a sucker for cute little kitchen gadgets like this. While it’s not at all necessary, it makes eating watermelon way more fun!

Frico Grab & Go Snacks

I am always looking for a healthy snack that is easy for my kids to grab and take when we are walking out the door, or when they want a quick snack. Frico Grab & Go are perfect size for my kids to have a quick snack between meals. They are so delicious even the adults love them. 

Stuffed Puffs Marshmallows

Stuffed Puffs has REAL CHOCOLATE inside, so it melts while the marshmallow is roasting!
You get a perfect S’more, every time. It’s amazingly tasty, and is the textbook definition of making good things better. So roast it up and join the stuffed club as we change the game one S’more at a time!

Forno de Minas Pão de Queijo

I was sent out Pão de Queijo for my family and I to check out. These Brazilian Cheese Rolls are better then any other cheese stuffed type of anything I have ever had in my life. And out of the first bag I made, between my two boys and husband I was only able to snag two. These are GLUTEN FREE! Which makes them great for so many more people. 
These are done in five minutes and you don’t have to worry about thaw time or anything. Perfect to go with dinner, or if you have hungry boys like I do and they need a quick healthy and filling snack.  

Safely Delicious

Lisa started Safely Delicious when her four children with multiple food allergies couldn’t enjoy snacks like everyone else. She found a way to make these delicious snacks in a variety of flavors that are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free,egg free, and vegan. These delicious little bites are my new favorite snack. My personal favorite are the raspberry bites.

Safely Delicious

SAFELY DELICIOUS® snacks are free of the Top 11 Food Allergens (wheat, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, sesame, mustard, sulfites) and are made in a licensed dedicated commercial facility containing none of these food allergens.  

SAFELY DELICIOUS® snack bites are also gluten free, vegan, cholesterol free, have no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives, low in sodium and are an excellent source of iron.

Bow Tie Pasta Chips

We’re all ears! These crispy bite-sized pasta snacks are 90 calories of oven-baked, GMO-free goodness. Puffed to perfection these scrumptious Bow Ties are a tasty nod to Mickey’s classic style.

Penne Straws

I received five different flavors of Penne Straws. These delicious snacks are perfect for the whole family. Though, I didn’t share the Churro flavor with anyone in my home. I absolutely love that these are gluten free, and full of flavor. They definitely didn’t last long in my house. 

Cookie/Candy Pop

Available while supplies last for a Limited time only! Two of America’s favorite snacks are teaming up to take on your taste buds as we deliver the delicious taste of Oreo Cookies in a light, crunchy popcorn package! It’s an incredibly satisfying combo that’s big on flavor, low in calories, and guaranteed to surprise and delight snackers of all ages. Each order includes two or eight 5.25 oz size bags.

Amelia Toffee

Amelia Toffee Company was established on Amelia Island, Florida, where Spanish moss clings to ancient oaks and morning fog rolls over the Intracoastal. Our time-honored recipes based on my grandmother’s combined with near-tropical humidity allows our toffee to be one of a kind. The salty sea air that fills our kitchen adds an additional layer of decadence to this toffee.

Our unique recipes combine tradition and creativity with superior ingredients. We cover every buttery toffee piece with decadent dark chocolate, sprinkle with roasted salted California almonds and the final touch is a dusting of sea salt.

Burl Barley Granola

Barley has an amazing flavor with a nutty note and hint of sweetness. This makes our Burl Barley Granola absolutely scrumptious!

Marc’s Magic Rub

My husband is a huge grill master. We are constantly looking for new and delicious seasoning for anything we are grilling. And this is the perfect seasoning for anything, even popcorn! 

Kitty Town Coffee

As an animal lover, I was very curious about Kitty Town Coffee. I was blown away with how delicious this coffee really is. I was sent two different kinds, Smokey, and Fezzik. Smokey being a darker roast, Fezzik is more of a medium dark roast. As a dark roast lover, I don’t think I have had dark roast this smooth. I thought this was going to be more acidic coffee, but it is so smooth. Even my husband could tell the difference not only between what we have been drinking, but even between the two roasts. All their coffee blends are named after cats, which is also super cute! 

Bubs Naturals

MCT Oil, formally known as medium-chain triglycerides oil, is a clean and fast-acting high-energy source for your body. BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder is a purified saturated fatty acid, extracted from sustainably sourced coconuts.

The Spice Lab

Nothing makes my husband more excited to get out and grill than new seasonings. The Spice Lab always has the best collections. This Barbecue Collection is perfect for anyone who loves different barbecue flavors. My husband and I had pulled out ribs the day we received this in the mail. We went through each seasoning, and though it was hard we chose one. And for the next few days, we were grilling just to try new seasonings. It is delicious. 

Koe Organic Kombucha

My husband is a huge kombucha lover, and according to him Koe is one of the best that he has tried! The best part about Koe? Unlike other kombucha’s, Koe is shelf stable and doesn’t need refrigeration unlike other brands. The flavors are new, refreshing, and delicious. My husband and I both really enjoyed each flavor we tried. 

Joy Bol

So we launched joyböl to bring joy back to breakfast. We put our heads together, and came up with a simple (just add water), portable, granola smoothie bowl that combines layered flavors and creamy, crunchy textures from real ingredients like fruits, nuts, and seeds with 10-11g Protein. 

Flax 4 Life

When looking for healthier options for us to snack on at home, Flax 4 Life has delicious snacks and treats. These snacks are gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, and kosher. Yet, still are packed full of delicious flavor. My entire family absolutely loved these for a quick snack, or a quick breakfast. 

Davidson’s Organic Tea 

With everything that is happening in the world around us right now, sometimes just sitting with a nice cup of tea can be so helpful. Davidson’s tea is not only delicious, but they have a huge selection to be able to help you with many different needs. My boys are not typically tea drinkers, but they couldn’t get enough of the Children’s Tea. The Detox tea was also absolutely divine. This is perfect for the whole family. 

Sassy Bell Delights Not Just A Dip

I am constantly looking for ways to jazz up sides and make new snacks for not only family, but family parties. Not Just A Dip makes it so simple with their different flavors, and easy directions you will have all your family and friends thinking you are a kitchen mastermind. You can find flavors for just about anything. Desserts, or savory these are perfect to have out at your next family party. Or even when you are just wanting a delicious snack. 

Zombie Coffee & Donuts

Finding a good dark cup of coffee can be so hard to do. Zombie Coffee, doesn’t only have a great taste. But a smooth flavor. 

All of our coffee is 100% Fair Trade Organic Coffee from Central & South America. Fair Trade guarantees farmers a minimum price, and links farmers directly with importers, creating long-term sustainability. Through Fair Trade, farmers earn better incomes, allowing them to keep their land and invest in quality.

1lb bag

Fit Snack Box

We are always looking for fun and healthy snacks for our family to try. Fit Snack Box is perfect for anyone who would like to have snacks in the house, but don’t want to spend the money buying all the product at one time to maybe not like it. These snacks boxes can come one time box, 3 months, 6 months, or one year at time. These are so much fun to get, and really help you find new delicious snacks. 

Cusa Tea

A cup of premium organic tea can be many things: a morning pick-me-up, an afternoon escape, a ritual, a cultural experience. And now, thanks to Cusa Tea’s innovative new Cold Steep Technology, a delicious and rejuvenating cup of premium tea, free of chemicals, additives, fillers, or excess sugars, can be INSTANT! Serve it hot or serve it iced, with Cusa Tea, you can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of hand-selected, premium organic tea in seconds.


When looking for a dairy free option that is still delicious for my coffee, I have discovered Milkadamia. This milk is dairy free, gluten free, plant based, and vegan friendly. This adds the perfect amount of creaminess to your coffee. With multiple flavors it is sure to please everyone in your home without the worry about what you are putting into your body. 

SugarBowl Bakery 

I was sent out brownie bites and madeleines to check out. These come individually wrapped for you to grab and go. Especially great for when you are hiding them from your husband and children. The madeleines are lightly crispy on on the outside and so soft and chewy on the inside. These are perfect if you are looking for something not to sweet, not to crunchy. The brownie bites are soft, chewy, and full of chocolate. My husband said I need to learn how to bake brownies like this.  

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce

My husband and I are really big into different hot sauces, and hot and spicy food. I don’t know that we have found sauces as delicious and flavorful as the Gringo Bandito hot sauces we were sent. We were sent four different flavors, and decided we should try them all in one night. These hot sauces have not just a great heat, but a great deal of flavor as well. Which is so much better then the things we can find easily at our nearest grocery store. 

Torani Puremade Syrups

When trying to mix up the flavors in my drinks whether it be coffee, soda, or even sparkling water. I always love to choose a different Torani syrup. My kids and I have made plenty of snow cones even with their different flavored syrups. I always love adding almond or vanilla to my morning cup of coffee for a little extra pick me up in flavor. My kids love when I put the black cherry into sparkling water for them. 

Good To Go Snacks

Keto certified by the Paleo foundation (

vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher

Non-GMO project certified

Made with real, tasty ingredients like coconut and raspberries

Delicious in taste and cookie-like in texture

Good for you and good for the planet (we are a B-corp and proud members of 1% for the planet


We created EBOOST for people who live to be active, be bold, and do more—and who don’t want to sacrifice their health to get results. Everything we make empowers people to be their best. We create products that power you through the workday, a workout, and all the moments that matter.

Their SUPER FUEL energy and recovery drink  is natural, low in sugar (with no artificial sweeteners) and fortified with nootropics, 10 key vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and other nutrients to help boost energy, improve mental focus and support your immune system. The caffeine itself comes from green coffee seed and green tea so it’s super clean and can replace your morning coffee, for an afternoon spark or for pre/post workout. 

Veggiecraft Farms

Veggiecraft Farms on-the-go, veggie-based meal cups were created for kids to love and parents to trust. Our kid-friendly flavors and individual portions are packed with all-natural fiber, protein, and vitamins to keep kids healthy as they grow.

Cafe Ama Coffee

Enjoy Café Ama’s signature #LoveBlend made with 100% arabica beans from Puerto Rico. The #LoveBlend was created to fuse the love for coffee with the passion of developing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Each freshly brewed cup transmits the passion and resilience of our communities in Puerto Rico and the impact we all have in transforming their future.

New Zealand Honey Co.

Our Raw Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ is produced by bees collecting nectar from the native Manuka plant, a scrubby tree that is abundant across New Zealand and is well known for its unique properties. These unique properties have led Raw Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ to be one of the most researched honeys in the world. The small white flowers of the Manuka tree bloom during spring and summer in New Zealand and this is the time of year when the bees collect the nectar and produce the honey. 

Drink Wholesome

Sick of protein powders and supplements full of additives? We are. That is why we make our peanut butter coconut protein powder with 7 real, whole food ingredients like egg whites, oats, and coconut – and nothing else. Drink Wholesome protein powders are 100% additive-free. You cannot find a better ingredient list. In case you were wondering, Drink Wholesome makes the best tasting protein supplements on the planet. Say goodbye to chalky and gritty. Say hello to sweet and creamy.

Biena Snacks

We are a family of snackers. I am always looking for snacks that are healthy options for the family. Biena Snacks are where it is at. There is a flavor for everyone. My husband and I really enjoy the Habanero Roasted Chickpeas. My kids love all the flavors. My oldest loved the Blazin’ Hot Puffs so much that he claimed the bag for himself. 

Smart Sweets

A radically better chew with 84% less sugar than the other chew! Three grams of sugar for the WHOLE bag! A mix of 3 juicy flavors your taste buds will love: strawberry, mango and watermelon!


Sugarpova is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova. A long time candy lover with a surprising sweet tooth, Maria has created her own candy business to offer an accessible bit of luxury interpreting classic candies in her own signature style.

Virgil’s All Natural Sodas

There’s a certain indescribable feeling you get when you crack open a cold can of Virgil’s Zero Sugar, and nothing else comes close. After years of meticulous experimentation, Virgil’s has unlocked the secret to great taste with zero sugar using a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners. It may sound too good to be true, but take a sip and you’ll believe the unbelievable! Choose from a variety of bold, complex flavors, and enjoy unparalleled refreshment that will put a smile on your face without adding a single calorie to the rest of you.

No Whey! Chocolate

 lactose free, vegetarian, egg free, and soy free. The chocolate is also gluten free. As a matter of fact every ingredient that we bring into our facility is closely scrutinized and randomly lab tested to ensure that it is indeed dairy free and nut free. These are great as chocolate gifts for the holidays, to say Thank You, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and as a non dairy chocolate dessert or milk free chocolate indulgence. All of the chocolates on the site are Kosher Pareve. There is no other common allergen free chocolate available that is comparable. Try our vegan chocolate bars for an uplifting experience

Kate’s Real Food

When looking for healthier snack options, Kate’s Real Food seems to be the perfect option for everyone. Not only are the bars delicious, they are much better for you then most. 

Moroccan Beef Jerky

An American version of a Moroccan delicacy  – This is 2.5 Oz. of pure American Style Halal Beef Jerky with the Exotic Flavor of Moroccan goodness, made with 100% Halal Beef, super high in Protein, minimally processed, Gluten Free, Paleo Diet Friendly, Keto Diet Friendly, Virtually Fat Free, Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, No Additives, No Preservatives, No MSG, Handcrafted, extra lean Halal Beef.

Don Francisco’s Coffee

Our household runs on coffee. Finding new and delicious coffee can be so hard for use. Don Francisco’s did not disappoint. With great aroma and flavor this coffee will become a fast household favorite. 


Bushwick Kitchen

The ultimate trio for every honey lover!
— Bees Knees Spicy Honey
— Bees Knees Salted Honey
— Bees Knees Meyer Lemon Honey
Born in Brooklyn, NY.
Bees Knees Honey Trio is gluten-free and Paleo-friendly.


Packed with new features and capabilities, which will drastically improve the way you prepare your favorite coffee, Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile espresso machines. A truly unique addition to your coffee toolkit! Built around a newly patented pumping system, the Nanopresso is capable of reaching, with the help of your hands, a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for unparalleled coffee extractions qualities. The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard. It is delightfully easy to operate and simple to use. The Nanopresso requires 15% less force to pump compared to previous models (1st generation Minipresso). 

Paromi Tea

Here’s a chai you can enjoy. All. Day. Long. What makes ours different: caffeine-free rooibos. Most others are made with black tea and, to be fair, that is how it’s been traditionally made for centuries. But we like the full-flavor body that rooibos adds to the mix—and all the health benefits it has, too. Especially when we layer in the herbs and spices. It gives each cup a certain kick, without giving you one.

Eat 2 Explore

3 Recipe Cards

(4 servings each)

3 popular dishes from each country with easy-to-follow instructions for chefs of all ages

Essential spice/sauce/grain mixes

unique seasonings that will transform your basic fresh ingredients into a culinary experience

Shopping List

(for fresh ingredients)

Greater Than

Perfect for a warm picnic or a post-workout pick-me-up! Chock full of naturally-occurring electrolytes with no added sugar, this fruit-infused coconut water will keep you feeling cool when you’re getting your juices flowing.

This limited edition trial pack contains several of each flavor (16 boxes in total) so you can give us a test drive before finding your FLAVORITE one. We can’t wait until our juice becomes your main squeeze, pretty please (hey that rhymes!)

Don’t like the taste of coconut water? Don’t worry, the added fruit juice will keep your tastebuds satisfied. In addition, enjoy:


When is steak not steak? When it’s our hearty and savory, south-of-the border plant-based jerky made with authentic herbs and spices sure to make you say “Ay Caramba!”

Crushed red pepper flakes gives you the good kind of spicy in our Hot ‘n Spicy Vegan Jerky; starts off unassuming and ends with a bang!

Sprinkle gourmet cracked black and white peppercorns, with a hint of lemon, and our Cracked Black Pepper Vegan Jerky is the perfect answer to your midday.

Erika’s Tea Room

Enjoy a rich Sri Lankan black blended with the enticing and refreshing notes of a chocolate after-dinner mint. Makes a delicious after-dinner tea.

Ingredients: Premium black tea, blackberry and peppermint leaves, organic chocolate flavors
Origin: Sri Lanka
Caffeine Level: Medium
Brewing Time: 4 – 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 212°F

Tessie’s Tea

The finest, naturally grown mint / ginger with honey found in the world, (20) 15oz sachets per box.

Peppermint/Mint Benefits: Respiration, Nausea, Vomiting and Stress Relief, just to mention a few benefits.

Ginger comes in many forms – dried, powdered, as an extract, a tea, or as oil. It’s equipped with many healing properties which have a remarkable effect on the body once consumed. These health benefits include… Aids Digestion, Motion Sickness,Nausea Relief, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory Qualities.

Viter Energy Mints

  1. Made for people who want energy, great taste, and convenience in one product. Strong flavor with a fresh kick that’ll energize you and freshen your breath.
  2. 40 milligrams of caffeine per mint (about half a cup of coffee’s worth or half an energy drink) so you can have as much or as little caffeine as you need.
  3. Vitamin B complex in each mint – Niacin (B3), Vitamin B6, Folic Acid (B9), & Vitamin B12.

C&H Sugar

Ask for C&H® Golden Brown Sugar – don’t settle for less! C&H® Golden Brown Sugar has a nutty, caramel flavor, moistness, and subtle molasses flavor. It’s ideal for cookies, shortbread, spiced cakes, brownies, and crumble toppings. Generally, if a recipe doesn’t specify Dark or Golden Brown, it is intended that Golden Brown be used.


My husband is a beer connoisseur! He is the pickiest person I know when it comes to beer, so I was skeptical about these. Tavour REALLY does only pick the very best beer to send to their customers. My husband liked every single beer that Tavour sent. They offer multiple packages with different kinds of beer. They sent me the mixed beer set, and we were not disappointed. 

Hello Water

  • Drink more water
  • Consume more fiber
  • Reduce sugar

Introducing hellowater, the bottled water that has fiber, zero sugar, and… water! With all-natural Stevia as a sweetener and 5 inspiring flavors!

Bone-In Butcher Shop

Trying to find a nice cut of meat in the grocery store can be so hard sometimes. If you are like me, and struggle to know what exactly you want while your out, trust the Bone- In Butcher shop with all your meat needs. These fresh steaks, along with other great meats are wet aged 28 days, and sealed perfectly. Leaving you with the perfect cut of meat for every meal. They are so easy to order from, and only ask for a two to seven day lead time. You can choose from beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. And expect perfection every time. 

Beckon Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream, unless you are lactose intolerant. Then you only can love the idea of real ice cream. That is until now. Beckon Ice Cream has all the great creaminess of ice cream, without the lactose. There is no compromise, and it isn’t just a good alternative. With a ton of great flavors everyone is sure to find one they love. My house hold did a taste test, and no one could tell the difference between Beckon and “regular ice cream” We all loved it. 

WOASH Wellness Tea

Revitalize your body and stay cool this Summer with our top three nourishing blends best poured over ice. 

This bundle focuses on physical depletion, digestion and stress to keep you adventuring all summer long from sunrise hikes to sunset swims. Each blend was strategically designed for a unique purpose specifically choosing each organic ingredient for their natural benefits and nourishing properties to support you and your unique needs.

Que Pasa Foods

These traditionally made corn tortilla chips are designed to take a deep dive into guac or be turned into a rockin’ plate of nachos.

Reasons to Love It:

  • Deliciously crunchy
  • Volcanic stone ground corn
  • Real, simple ingredients

Que Pasa started out as a street-front deli in Vancouver in 1983. In 2012, Que Pasa joined the Nature’s Path Foods family. Both were independent and family-owned companies with a deep social and environmental commitment to organics and sustainability.

Churnbaby Ice Cream

If you like cookies, and ice cream, these are for you. The little ice cream cups come with a cookie on top and their own spoon. Perfect for the mid day pick me up you need while at the office. The ice cream sandwiches will change your entire way of thinking about ice cream. Perfect snack on any hot summer day. 

Silver Springs Foods

Who needs your average condiments for your favorite summer sandwiches when you can dress them up with various delicious flavors of mustard and horseradish sauces. You can take your potato salad to a whole new level by changing up your mustard. Silver Springs Foods will not leave you disappointed. My husbands favorite was the Applewood horseradish. He can put it on anything, and he has been. The chipotle mustard has brought a whole new meaning to a ham sandwich. 

Mister Bee

Mister Bee Potato Chip Company was founded in 1951 by Leo and Sara Klein and had its first offices on Mary Street in Parkersburg, West Virginia. At that time, the chips would be made in the morning and then Mr. Klein would distribute the fresh product in the afternoon. In November 1962, the company was moved to West Virginia Avenue, where the chips are still made today.