Five ways to organize a home-renovation project

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For every individual, a home renovation project serves a different purpose. For some, it is a way of showing love to a place, their haven over the years, whereas, for others, it is a way to add value to the property without compromising its sentimental worth.

That said, a solid working plan must be in place to ensure that a renovation project delivers desired outcomes. Many homeowners neglect the importance of developing a plan before starting the project, which wastes time, money, and effort on both the homeowner’s and contractors’ part.

Planning a home renovation project is time-saving and financially rewarding since the results increase the property’s value and upgrade your lifestyle. Moreover, staying organized during home remodeling also alleviates stress.

While a plan is critical to a home renovation project, how does one organize a home renovation project? Let’s find out.

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While renting a storage unit to safeguard your personal items is part of organizing a home renovation project, a few other things are part of the organization.

  1. Create A List

A list is the highlight of project management. Having a list of items you need or the things that need to be done keeps your thoughts organized and prevents you from forgetting any pertinent details.

A list should outline the entire project from start to finish. If you have one builder overseeing the renovation project, getting them a copy of the list is better. It streamlines coordination between you and the worker, and most importantly, the builder has access to the information and detail they need to finish the project.

A list has all kinds of information regarding the home renovation project, from the kind of renovation you want to the budget for the project. You mustn’t forget when creating a list, is to include detailed specifications. As a homeowner, it is convenient if you want to obtain different quotes.

2. Hire A Trustworthy Contractor

After investing your time and hard-earned money, the last thing you’d want for your home renovation project is to become a disaster. To escape the nightmare, hire a trustworthy contractor aware of the ins and outs of home remodeling.

It is easy to fall into the trap of finding the cheapest home remodel contractor or consulting the first home remodel company that pops up on google with a five-star. Don’t fall prey to such scams because you invest your money and energy into the project. So take time to conduct research and go through the credentials.

When checking credentials, key points are ensuring that the contractor or the company has three years of experience, they are accredited, and where they stand with the Better Business Bureau.

After hiring a contractor, have a contract written up that details that the contractor is responsible for the damages during the project and is liable for their own injury on the job. Don’t make the mistake of allowing your contractor to start the project before the contract has been signed.

3. Always Be Prepared

Despite having countless discussions with your contractor regarding the project, you can still expect many questions from the contractor. From the type of wall lights to the color of the baseboards, keep your answers prepared for such queries.

You must be calm throughout the project because decisions made under pressure only lead to bad results, and you wouldn’t want that. To avoid landing in such a predicament, it is better that you provide every piece of information beforehand.

There might be instances where you might not be able to make decisions regarding a particular aspect of a project. Moreover, you ask for their opinion but don’t feel obligated to agree with the design you don’t want.

Communicating well with your builder is the best way to handle the situation.

4. Plan For The Unexpected

Always plan for the unexpected to ensure your home renovation project doesn’t go downhill. For instance, when planning a budget for the project, keep 20% of the extra cash on the side to cover additional work that might arise during the job.

In terms of minor emergencies, prepare an emergency kit. The kit includes a measuring tape, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies.

Besides that, hire a few helping hands to oversee some tasks within the project that are unmanageable for the individual contractor. Having a few helping hands on board also reduces the likelihood of any medical emergency and saves time.

Furthermore, remember to put all the other necessities nearby in a closet to be easily accessible.

5. Be A Pro At Organizing

Ultimately, a successful plan boils down to how well-structured it is. Thoroughly go through it before finalizing things.

Take as much time as necessary to draw an action plan that delivers results. Even if it takes weeks, jot down the specifications, set the budget, and consult with the people you believe have something valuable to add to your plan.

A well-laid-out plan saves you time, money, and unwarranted stress. To ensure that you are on track throughout the project, keep an open line of communication with the builders, and be aware of everything happening during the project.

Keep your plans, designs, and every detail regarding the project close by. Doing so, you’ll be able to reference them quickly anytime you want. Place all the receipts in a binder to stay updated about the budget.

Furthermore, create a folder and organize all the emails you receive regarding the remodeling project.


Whether you want to add value to your home or upgrade your lifestyle, a home renovation project is never a bad idea.

However, with remodeling comes the stress of managing things in time, financing, and, most importantly, ensuring your personal belongings are out of harm’s way.

That said, you must organize your home renovation project. From becoming a pro at organizing to planning for the unexpected, organization is the key to a successful home renovation project. It saves you time and keeps you on track.


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