Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

GEARWRENCH- 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Wing Light With Under Hood Rack

If Dad loves working on his cars, this is the perfect gift for him. The rack can expand up to 86 inches to help insure that you are able to fit it under all hoods. This is perfect if your Dad is constantly wrenching on his old classic car in the garage. 

  • Dual LED 500 and 1000 lumen ratings with COB technology
  • Single 400 lumen spotlightSealed water resistant IP54 rating for dust and water spray
  • Sealed water resistant IP54 rating for dust and water spray
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with indicator provides up to 4 hours of run time
  • Offers constant current so the light won’t dim as the battery runs low

X Hunt Precision Targets

Designed with vibrant, contrasting colors, you’ll be able to see these beauties extremely well at both your indoor range and deep into the wilderness. By using blue and yellow color combinations in conjunction with our red reactive color, you can quickly acquire the target and see exactly where your shots were placed.

GEARWRENCH 4 Pc 90 Tooth Flex Head Ratchet Set

  • 90 tooth gear delivers a 4° swing arc to turn a fastener in tight confines
  • 6-Position flex-head for adjustable access angle
  • Precision engineered high strength pawl for increased durability
  • Highly visible on/off markings on the head
  • Teardrop low profile head and flush mounted on/off switch allow better access in tight spaces


Sweet. Earthy. Irresistible. This bubble bath is an infusion with dark cocoa, vanilla, tobacco, musk, spice, and everything sweet – guaranteed to excite all your senses.

Made with the finest ingredients, this gentle bubble bath is enriched with whole milk, B-vitamins, calcium, and much more. Time to nourish and cleanse your skin, right down to its deepest layers.

GEARWRENCH 16″ Pitbull K9 Straight Jaw Dipped Handle Tongue and Groove Pliers

The GEARWRENCH Pitbull line of pliers is GEARWRENCH’s most advanced range of industrial pliers. The Pitbull line of pliers offer the industrial / automotive technician the best grip and cut day in and day out. They are forged from alloy steel and precision machined for long life and durability. The Pitbull pliers offer unique features such as the K9 Jaws which provide a strong grip, even when on a 35° angle and a high leverage joint design which provides up to 35% greater cutting power.

Putty King- Drywall Repair Kit

Does Dad need to get some drywall repairs done through out the house? Putty King is the perfect gift to help him get the job done quickly. 

Putty King is the only all-in-one drywall repair tool that reduces mess while saving you time and money. Its unique putty release system allows you to easily fill in scratches , dents or holes around your home.

Crescent Lufkin SHOCKFORCE NITE EYE 35- ft Tape Measure

If Dad likes working on different projects, this tape measure is perfect for him. With print on both sides, and a 14 foot standout, Dad will no longer be asking for you to hold the other end of the tape measure while working on a project. 

  • Diamond-coated end hook grabs material from every direction and prevents slippage

  • Narrow blade technology offers reduced weight when carrying a tape all day on the job site

  • Matte black nylon blade with green markings provides extended product life and improved legibility in varied light conditions

  • Optimized drum and spring design provides a compact case design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

  • Drop tested at 100 feet for real life, on the job durability

  • Dual-sided blade print with vertical quick read scale on underside for overhead and hard to reach measurements

Mommy Needs a Coffee- Dad’s on Duty

Girl’s night out? Brunchin’ with the babes?  Fuel your dude with a big cup of Dad’s on Duty.  Nothing beats getting your guy prepared like this strong, and smooth dark roast. 

This 100% Arabica coffee is ethically sourced and grown in the Indonesian highlands.  It’s rich aroma and earthy undertones with a hint of chocolate will keep him strong all day long.

Romeo Merino

Finding Dad the perfect gift this year for Father’s Day can be tough. Romeo Merino has a beautiful selections of soft wool sweaters that won’t just help Dad stay warm, but also keep him looking fashionable while staying warm. 


Minimalistic, timeless, and stylish, our high-performance crew neck sweater is made of extra-fine merino wool for a soft, lightweight feel. Features ribbed detailing and a cuffed waist for a flattering fit. 

Aurochs- Light PRO Billfold

How is Dad’s wallet looking? I know my dads wallet looks like it may have been ran over by a car a million times in the last 10 years. If your dads wallet is looking similar, check our Aurochs Light PRO billfold. 

THE TRADITIONAL BI-FOLD SIMPLIFIED: Aurochs Light Pro evolved from one of our best selling designs, Aurochs Light. The changes we made to the Pro version makes it very unique.

THE CARRY ALLROUNDER: Light Pro can carry up to 8 Cards, 20 flat bills & coins in a minimalist leather silhouette without making a compromise.

Hope For The Warriors Coffees From Victor Allen’s Coffee

If you are looking for delicious coffee while also supporting an amazing cause, check out Hope For The Warriors Coffee. 

Proceeds from ordering these delicious choices in coffee helps military families in need. 

Chill Boys- Comfy Men’s Boxers

High-performance micro-mesh Boxer Briefs – Our Performance Boxer Briefs feature quick-drying, moisture-wicking comfort. Chill Boys Boxer Briefs are also soft and stretchy, with mutli-direction flexibility! These Boxer Briefs have an athletic fit featuring a comfortable pouch support. Our moisture-wicking fabric is quick drying, giving you odor eliminating confidence!

Our Bamboo Boxer Briefs are super soft, cool, and feature a breathable micro-mesh glide-zone in the groin area.  You will love the comfortable fit, soft feel and multi-direction stretch!

Sauce Goddess

If you have a grill master in your home, there is nothing better to gift them than some great sauces and seasonings from Sauce Goddess. 

Big & Tangy is the perfect blend of tomato, black pepper, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. With a kick of spice, this tangy sauce makes a delicious marinade for tri-tip, brisket, steak, and short ribs. It’s terrific on grilled Portobello’s and tempeh. This savory black pepper sauce makes juicy hamburgers stand out! We’ll share a secret with you: it also moonlights as a Bloody Mary mix. One of our award-winning sauces!

Irwin Quick Grip12-in Medium-Duty One Handed Bar Clamp

  • Converts to a spreader with the quick-change feature

  • Patented pistol grip design enhances comfort and ease of use

  • Acts as a third hand

IRWIN QUICK-GRIP 36-in Heavy-Duty One Handed Bar Clamp

  • Quick-Release™ trigger for non-explosive pressure release

  • Patented POWER LOCKS™ hold more pressure, longer

  • I-Beam bar resists twisting and bowing under pressure


LENOX Quick Adjust 8-in V-jaw Pliers

  • Press-n-Slide Button Adjusts Lower Jaw 2X Faster Than Traditional Groove Joint Plier

  • Chrome Finish For Superior Corrosion Resistance And Appearance

  • Fully Hardened Steel For Toughness, Durability, And Lasting Performance

The 3D Gift

Giving Dad the precious gift of a beautiful memory is so important. With The 3D Gift you are able to easily have your favorite memory put right into a 3D crystal. You have the option of getting a rotating light up stand, which I highly suggest. 

People will sit in awe at the true masterpiece that these crystal photos are. The best part, they are not insanely expensive. So everyone can get one within their budget. 

Persona Coffee

If Dad has a taste for really delicious coffee, head over to Persona, where you are able to not only choose the exact blend that is perfect for Dad. But you are also able to name the blend whatever you would like. 

This is perfect for Dad to feel special on his special day. 

Undo Doo Anti Skid Mark Kit

Want to give Dad a laugh this year? This kit is perfect for a gag gift for dad. All while being functional. 

  • Added bonus is that this it actually works too! Carry this compact kit with you wherever you go, because you never know when you will need to GO. Don’t ditch your dirty underwear, keep it cheeky clean!
  • Its tiny size allows you to take it with you everywhere. 4.12 x 3.05 inches. Smaller than your cell phone! High Quality tin case that you can refill and keep using for months ahead.

3D Laser Gifts

The key to a great gift is making it personal. The Crystal Keychain Octagon from 3D Laser Gifts does just that by allowing you to customize this perfectly practical tool with your favorite photo. Durably constructed to last as long as your cherished memories, the Crystal Keychain Octagon makes a great stocking stuffer or housewarming gift.

Frag Out Flavor

Does Dad love to get the best flavors when he is out on the grill? Frag Out Flavor is the perfect way for Dad to do that! There are multiple different rubs and spices available to help Dad grill you an even better steak. 


Pit Liquor

We put together a pack of 3 of some of our most popular scents: Coconut Rum with Lime, Whiskey Black Pepper, & Whiskey Lavender. With beautiful ingredients like luscious lime oil, or locally-farmed lavender, or the spicy/sweet combo of cloves and peppercorns, it’s a tough choice! 

Wildwood Grilling

All of our planks are sourced and made in the USA. Use planks to cook food directly on a piece of hardwood, infusing your favorite food with the plank’s natural flavors.

The sampler pack includes 1 of each of these natural woods: Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Maple & Hickory.

These make the perfect gift for the grillmaster in your life, or keep them yourself!


Does Dad enjoy some delicious snacks? Maybe lives a bit far from you? SnackMagic makes it so easy to pick from Dad’s favorites and delivers him an awesome care package so he can keep on snacking! 


The trio pack has an answer for every mood – from a quick blast of freshness to all-day staying power. The Performance Body Spray gets noticed for its fresh scents, but it’s more than just odor-masking-fragrance-in-a-can. It’s an innovative, aluminum-free deodorant formulated with powerful prebiotics and three deodorizing ingredients to fight body odor at its source.

Console Vault

You can easily install it inside the console of your vehicle, where it will be discreetly hidden. That way, the interior of your vehicle will look exactly as it should. No one will know your vehicle is equipped with our gun vault or safe. Your console lid even operates exactly the same as before our safe is installed. Once you lift the lid, our classy-looking compartment is revealed.


If you are looking for a great personalized gift for your Dad this year, you can simply not go wrong with these great personalized pillows. Perfect for man caves, game rooms, or anywhere Dad wants to hang out. This will help everyone know where Dad’s space is. 

Friendly Candle

If you are looking for a gift for a Dad with a sense of humor, Friendly Candle has it. 

Sizzling and spicy with a side of feisty, Grandpa’s hot nuggets are here to take you on a one-way ride to flavortown. Shh, Grandma doesn’t need to know.

  • Size: 9oz
  • Every candle is made of 100% all-natural soy with essential oils and fragrances.
  • Hand-poured in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Burn time 70+ hours.
  • Includes seed paper candle topper, #plantthetag and wildflowers will grow!


The original Turq, our Freestyle Fit was engineered for those who live an active lifestyle. Made for movement and styled for comfort, the Freestyle Fit includes essential features for high-performing men. Quick-drying fabric makes it possible to go from wet to dry in minutes, all-day odor control means you won’t have to worry about offensive nether regions, and a roomy front pocket works to keep you comfortable and safe from chafe all day long. Set your day up for success with our ultra-supportive signature style, the Freestyle Fit.


Dad have to many things to plug in, but not enough space in his favorite outlet to do so? This is the perfect solution! 

theOUTlet – USB provides you with 4 receptacles and 2 USB ports in a single housing. That’s double what you would get with a traditional electrical outlet in your local hardware stores and includes USB’s built in! All receptacles have built in Tamper Resistant features to ensure peace of mind.