Eyelash Extension Maintenance: Tips Recommended By Experts

Are you tired of gluing on strip eyelashes every time you do your makeup? Eyelash extensions are perfect for you as they can last anywhere between six to eight weeks and accentuate the natural shape of your eyes. Another great thing about eyelash extensions would be low maintenance, especially if you got them done by a professional. However, it would be best to do a couple of things to keep your lash extensions looking good for eight weeks. Let’s dive into some key tips for proper eyelash extension maintenance: 

Avoid oil-based products 

Research has shown that oil breaks down the glue that holds your lash extensions in place. Therefore, your eyelash extensions could come off earlier if you use oil-based makeup removers and cleansers. Therefore, we suggest using a gel-based cleanser to preserve the glue and make your extensions last longer. 

Skip the mechanical lash curlers 

Eyelash curlers give your natural lashes the much-needed lift to make your eyes look more open. However, these mechanical curlers will do more harm than good to your eyelash extensions. It would be wise to leave your extensions alone lest you achieve a bend that looks unnatural. 

Brush out your lashes occasionally 

Nobody wants to walk around with lashes that are sticking to one another and are looking clumpy. One pro tip to help your lash extensions look fluffy and fluttery would be to brush them out with a clean spoolie or lash comb when necessary. If you don’t have one at hand, you could clean the tip of a dried-up mascara wand and use it to brush your faux lashes.

Keep away from moisture for at least 24hours 

It is also advisable to keep moisture away from your new extensions for at least 24hrs. According to a licensed lash tech, water will weaken the bond between the glue and your skin, causing your lashes to come off sooner than expected. It would be best to clean around the eye and keep your eye makeup to a minimum to allow the glue to set. 

Don’t use waterproof eye products 

Anything that will require more than a regular face wash to come off is a no-no when you have eyelash extensions. Waterproof eye products usually require an oil-based cleanser to remove, which will weaken the glue and cause your extensions to come off. If you have to use mascara or eyeliner to accentuate your eyes further, it would be best to use non-waterproof products that easily wash off. 

Avoid pulling your lash extensions 

You might be tempted to play with your lashes during the day or tug on them as you wash off your makeup in the evening. However, too much manipulation could cause you to pull out the false lashes and return to your lash tech sooner than expected. You also risk damaging your natural eyelashes. 

Wrap up 

Now that you know a thing or two about taking care of your eyelash extensions, it’s time to leverage some of these tips to keep your faux flutterers looking like you just got them done. In addition to the points discussed above, ensure you avoid showering under powerful showerheads and try your best to avoid rubbing your eyes. Again, ensure you get services from a licensed lash technician to avoid getting a poor lash job. 

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